Letter to Joan Wareing from Evelyn



Letter to Joan Wareing from Evelyn


Offers sympathy at the news that Bob went missing over Stuttgart. She says that she had heard before but was waiting for more news before writing. She says that Joan is in her thoughts and hopes she will receive good news soon. She also writes about her family and asks if she can do anything to help with the car, offering to park it in her garage.



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[inserted] Eve & Bridget are awaying [sic] staying with my sister as Pat is stationed only 5 miles from there now. [/inserted]
Rose Hill
Market Harborough.
Dear Joan,
Thank you so very much for your letter – we were all more than grieved to hear that Bob is missing.
Mac had told us two days previously that he had heard of him as missing over Stuttgart & I didn’t like to write to you without some more definite news.
Your letter sounds hopeful, & I am so thankful for that you are much in our thoughts & have all our sympathy during this difficult time. I do so hope that soon you may have good news. Bob is such a grand Pilot & fine all round airman that I’m sure if its humanly possible to come out on top he most certainly will. We shall wait eagerly to hear again from you.
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I am in the middle of a real holiday scrum! & seem to be surrounded by boys. I have my nephew Peter staying as well as Jerry & Mick & a school friend of theirs, so with young Paul & the General I have a masculine household varying in ages from 5 months to 82 years. Be sure & let me know if I can do anything about the car for you – we have a spare garage here now as R has sold the A.C. so if the Regent should want it out of the way before you are able to fetch it – be sure & tell them to park it here. We shall look forward to seeing you. I am anxious to show you Paul – who is growing into a fine boy now he was a poor little scrap at first – but is a smiling friendly little creature now.
Again with renewed sympathy



“Letter to Joan Wareing from Evelyn,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed May 27, 2022, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/27785.

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