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Wareing, Robert
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258 items. The collection concerns Flight Lieutenant Robert Wareing DFC* (86325 Royal Air Force) and contains his flying logbooks, prisoner of war log book, memoirs, photographs, extensive personal and official correspondence, official documents, pilots/handling notes, decorations, mementos, uniform badges and buttons. He flew operations as a pilot with 106 Squadron. After a period of instructing he returned to operations on 582 Squadron but was shot down and became a prisoner of war.

The collection has been donated to the IBCC Digital Archive by Andrew Wareing and catalogued by Nigel Huckins.




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Wareing, R

Collection Items

Large group of airmen
Large group of airmen wearing greatcoats, side caps standing in four rows in front of an Art Deco tower. All have slung gas masks.

Pilot Officer Robert Wareing DFC
Head and shoulders portrait of a pilot officer wearing uniform tunic with pilot's brevet, DFC ribbon and VR pins.

Two aircrew in front of a Hampden
Two aircrew, the one on the left wearing flying jacket and side cap, the one on the right flying helmet and battledress with pilot's brevet and parachute harness. In the background the nose of a Hampden with a dragon and 'P/O R Wareing' painted on…

No 45 Course photograph
Forty airmen sitting and standing in five rows. All are wearing uniform tunic. S Wearing third row from bottom second from left. R Wearing top row right end.

Wilfred Gaughran
Full face portrait of a man wearing side cap. Caption 'Wilfred Gaughran 1920-1944'

Ceremony on church steps
Military guard of honour on left in front of railings. In centre steps leading up to church where a large crown look on. Flags and memorial centre middle and right. In the background part of a church.

Ceremony in St Vigor churchyard in August 1944
Faded image show an honour guard of troops with rifles on the left with other people in the background. Iron railings behind troops

Robert Wareing Service and Release book
Class of release prisoner of war. Includes authorisation for medical treatment after release. date of release 3 January 1946.

Squadron Leader Bob Wareing a prisoner of war
Article about Scunthorpe double DFC baling out from blazing plane. Relates how news was passed by French woman in a letter to a Canadian who posted it to Mrs Wareing. Robert Wareing was in hospital with burns but was getting better.

Scunthorpe day by day
Welcome home to Squadron Leader Robert Wareing DFC and Bar after several months in German hands. With head and shoulders photograph.

DFC for local airman
Pilot Officer Robert Wareing awarded DFC for his part in attack on Brest harbour. His was one of four crews who volunteered. Scharnhorst and Gneisenau were in the harbour but was not known if they were damaged.

Note to Robert Wareing from Air Vice Marshall D Bennett
Award of path finder force badge, Qualified and entitled to wear badge.

Path Finder badge certificate
Award of path finder badge to Acting Squadron Leader R Wareing DFC

Letter from RAF Benevolent Fund
Writes that they had been asked to call on addressee.

Luggage tag
Tag for car key. Austin 7 registration FW8747

Crew list
List of crew and next of kin. Nest of kin addresses.

Letter from Robert Wareing to his wife Joan passed on by Captain J M Yeoman,
Letter describing Robert's aircraft being shot down, baling out, suffering burns and now a prisoner of war. Yeoman states he was given the letter by a woman when he entered Fecamp.

Excerpt: Sunday Companion
Pilot's psalm two verses each starting with 'The lord is my pilot'.

Musical Zoo or The Ballad of the station masters son
Two verse song (first is chorus). Humorous verse.

Draft history
List of events covering joining the RAF, selection for pilot, training and start of operations.

Envelope with handwritten list of crew positions with some names

Our Joan
Four verse poem concerning Joan

Engine handling notes - Lancaster III
Starting procedure, testing engines and installations, drill before taxying and post taxi drill,

Robert Wareing's list of operations
Table with dates target/operation and flying time from December 15 1940 up to 12 June 1941.

Extract from Midland Counties Publication (1942)
Reports that Wellington crew of 9 Squadron took of on operation from RAF Honington and force landed in Vichy France. Apart from one who eventually made his way to freedom, the other crew returned safely and resumed operational flying. Two years later…
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