Letter to Joan Wareing from Evelyn



Letter to Joan Wareing from Evelyn


She is pleased that they have had news of Bob, and goes on to give general family news as well as offering help to relocate her car.



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Rose [?] Hill
[underlined] Market Harborough [/underlined]

[underlined] 24.11.44. [/underlined]

My dear Joan,

We were so glad to have your letter this morning, & to hear that you have news of Bob. It must be a great relief to you to know that his burns are recovered, & I do so hope it won't be long now before all our prisoners are safely home again - things seem to be moving pretty fast on the Western front now. Pat has been fighting with the 2nd Army for four weeks now, so is in the thick of the tough fighting in Holland - they are anxious times for Eve, who is having a baby in January, but she is very good & keeps bright & cheerful all the time.

Paul is growing into a lovely boy now, he is 7 1/2 months & weighs 19 1/2 lbs & can now sit up in a high chair at tea time. I try not to be an indulgent parent - but of course privately I think there is no one like him in the world. Jerry is in the Army now & up at Cambridge doing an Officers Short Course

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which lasts to the end of March when he goes to a pre - OCTU. Mick is head of his House now, & leaves school in April - terrible the way these boys grow up isn't it? K has been home with us for the last 6 months driving a Post Office van as a stop gap. She had signed on with W.N.R.R.A. [?] & didn't want to waste time till they called her up. She has now received orders & goes abroad within a fortnight driving supply lorries - she is very excited about it. I will of course be delighted to house the car for you. I was wondering if I could be any use over getting it back for you, knowing what a wicked train journey it is to Harborough. I hope to go north for a week in Jan, could I take it as far as Doncaster or Lincoln for you & meet you there perhaps - being exactly the same as my own car I think I should be quite safe with it. My friend Countess [one undecipherable word] & her 3 boys have just got back from America & they are coming next week & staying over the Christmas holidays - so she is looking after Paul for me whilst I have the week in Scotland with Edith. I am much looking forward to it. Greetings from us all.
[underlined] Evelyn [/underlined]

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