Letter to Douglas Hudson from his parents



Letter to Douglas Hudson from his parents


Acknowledges cable on father's birthday and is at loss to understand why her message to him did not meet censors approval. Still awaiting news of missing friend. Comments on recent weather and on book she is reading. Catches up on family correspondence and passes on news. Hopes his next letter swill hold results of bridge tournament and news of resumption of his journalistic activities.




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191 Halifax Road
Nelson. Lancs.
Monday Sept. 7th/42
My dear Douglas. I wrote to you last on Friday Sept. 4th just after Dad had gone on fire-watching duty. We were all very thankful for a peace-ful [sic] night. I acknowledged, on Fri. your telegram for Dad’s birthday, which arrived, as I told you, on Sept. 1st, by post on the Tues. morning. It is Dad’s 4th birthday during war-time & with all our hearts we sincerely hope by the time for the next one, peace will be with us again. I cannot imagine what message I sent to you on June 12th did not meet with the censor’s approval & have no recollection of writing anything that may be of interest or value to Jerry in his desperate situation as I do not possess any such knowledge. We are all still anxiously awaiting news of Ted Hole. The Japanese have not yet allowed a list of prisoners to come through. My thoughts are very often with Mr & Mrs Hole. It is a long time for them to be waiting without any kind of news since just after Christmas.
Well love I don’t seem to have anything of interest to write about. We have had a very inclement week-end & have not even had the opportunity to mow the lawns. It was fine for about 4 hours this morning but at 1 p.m. the trickle begun again & it is carrying on the good work at 3 p.m. Hope it fairs up for Dad’s home-coming. We spent
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most of the week-end reading. I got a jolly good book (accidently) from the library. Thought I had picked up something light & fluffy by Olive Wadsley & when I got home found it was a good & interesting & instructive by Helen Waddell a story of Roman Catholicism & I like it. Here’s a quotation, “Remember that in any place where a good many men are living together, good & evil are found! If place could help, never had angels fallen from Heaven, - nor man sinned in Paradise. A wise wind keeps its own mastery”. Dad had a letter from Uncle Jim for his birthday & Uncle seems to be thoroughly enjoying his retirement. He says he is much better in health which is a good thing. Auntie has had a very trying time with Ken. So no doubt Jim will help to keep things going more smoothly. I have no news of John since his birthday when he was at Bedale & enjoying the beautiful country between spells of hard work. Strange that you two never fancied the Yorkshire Wolds in the old motor-cycling days. I hope your next letters will give the result of the Bridge tournament. It would be good news that you had been able to recommence journalistic activities. They did help to pass the time. Black-out time here is 8-17 now & it feels very near to winter. You will be thankful to have cooler days but I am dreading the cold as our coal supply is very inadequate. Shall have to go to bed to keep warm. All our love & prayers. Mother & Dad
755052 Hudson
Camp Militaire
Laghouat. Algerie.



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