Letter to Douglas Hudson from his parents



Letter to Douglas Hudson from his parents


Notes arrival of 4 letters and 5 postcards in a week. Comments on contents concerning his activities and whether he is becoming a cynic. Writes of happy hours spent in garden. Provides description of new house. Mentions double summer time and sunrise and sunset.




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[inserted] 23-6-41. [/inserted]

191 Halifax Road
Nelson Lancs.
Sunday June 8th/41

My dear Douglas.

Yesterday we had a letter from you sent by Air Mail dated 7/3/41. making 4 letters & 5 p.cs in a week. There’s no need to tell you what a joy these missives bring to us even tho’ the news is some-what wrong way round. We were interested to know from your letter yesterday something of how your time is spent – in games, discussions, etc. but you must be a strangely altered Douglas if you have become a cynic. No, my dear,! No son of mine can ever become a cynic. I know that deep down in your heart is enough of all the things that mean most in life – faith hope & love - & possessing these great gifts will surely save you from a cynicism which circumstances might engender. We all look forward with faith & hope to the happy days of reunion. & I often wonder if we shall be very surprised with the changes that war-time conditions have wrought – the lines which care & anxiety have created on our faces. & the grey hair which not very long ago was mid-brown. Dad & I have

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already spent very many happy hours in our pretty little garden. We have strawberries & raspberries in flower. & shall be thrilled when we are able to gather the fruit in a few weeks time. I sent an Air Mail letter to Le Kef giving you a detailed account of our new home & wonder if the letters will be sent on to you in Medea. Dad thought I had described the new home too vividly for it to pass the censor so it is no use repeating the description. Outside the house is grand – a most extensive view & not surrounded by houses. & we get lovely sky effects. I hope the censor won’t mind me telling you that we now have 2 hours of summer time which means that at 6 a.m. I have the great joy of seeing the summer sun rise. It really is a lovely picture. & when the sun goes down in an opal – tinted west it brings you very near to me for I imagine that you too will be able to the pageant of beauty thus provided. Now love my letter must come to an end with all loving thoughts & prayers for you, faith, hope & love remain with [inserted] you [/inserted] always. This [inserted] is [/inserted] Sunday afternoon & memories crowd thick & fast. Sunday afternoons in June. How we love to remember the almond blossoms & may blossoms & the lovely new green of tree & field & fervently I re-echo your “thank God for memories.”

All love from

Mother & Dad

755052 Sgt. Chef. Hudson
Hotel D’Oriente



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