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Card produced by the 2nd Tactical Air Force featuring the national flags and air force ensigns of the allied nations, with the words 'We saw the powers of darkness put to flight we saw the morning break'.

A biography of Fred. In addition it includes histories of aircraft and squadrons he served in, Details are included of airfields he served at. Additionally there are biographies of various servicemen associated with Fred's squadrons and service.

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Covers the work of the air ministry, constitution of the air council, responsibilities of members of the council, the ministerial members, the air members, the permanent under-secretary of state (PUS), general observation on the on the department of…

Gillie Street was born in Aglionby, Carlisle, and spent her early childhood in Tyneside before moving back to Cumberland aged eleven. Street recalls attending grammar school in Brampton and her first flying experience on a Barnstormer. Upon leaving…

Covers introduction, dual aspect, stations of two main types, station structure, specialised services, non-operational stations, control of stations in operational commands, bomber, fighter command, 2nd T.A.F., coastal, amendments and questions.

A newspaper cutting describing a night operation by Mosquitoes on the Ruhr followed by USAAF day bombing. Attacks were also made on Berlin and the Gestapo building in Copenhagen.
On the reverse are adverts.

Pilots flying log book for Peter Anthony Latham, covering the period from 22 February 1945 to 24 January 1948. Detailing his post war flying training and flying duties with 26 squadron. He was stationed at RAF Perth, RAF Cranwell, RAF Keevil, RAF…

Four photographs from an album.
Photo 1 is Terry Ford landing a Stirling.
Photo 2 is a a view to the front as the aircraft is landing.
Photo 3 is a Stirling's starboard engines during a corkscrew manoeuvre.
Photo 4 is a Hurricane breaking off an…

Three fighter aircraft being refueled on the ground. In the distance a heavy bomber can be seen.
A second photograph shows three fighters on the ground.

Describes their current activities and still waiting for return cable. Mentions father on fire watch duty and writes about his business. Now have lived quiet existence in new home for four months. Describes garden and neighbourhood. Talks about lack…

Reminisces and writes that she is thinking of him and has re-read all his letters since his last leave in England. Tells him about decorators arriving and work they are doing. Mentions father getting £4 as his share of sale of some gold coins.…

Photo 1 is a starboard side ground view of a Spitfire.
Photo 2 is a starboard side ground view of a Manchester.

Photos 1 and 2 are port side ground views of different aircraft.


Photo 1 is a port side ground view of a Tempest.
Photo 2 is a starboard side flying view of a Typhoon.


Photo 1 is a starboard side flying view of an SS18 biplane.
Photo 2 is a port side ground view of a civilian Gladiator.

Photo 1 is a starboard side ground view.
Photo 2 is a port side ground view.
Photo 3 is a starboard side ground view.


Photo 1 is a port side ground view.
Photo 2 is a starboard side ground view.


Notes arrival of 4 letters and 5 postcards in a week. Comments on contents concerning his activities and whether he is becoming a cynic. Writes of happy hours spent in garden. Provides description of new house. Mentions double summer time and sunrise…

Writes of reply from Red Cross that it was not possible to send chocolate to him as no parcel post to Tunisia. However, telegrams were allowed. Also best way to communicate is through American consul in Tunis. Glad he can get cigarettes as shortage…

Reminisces over previous Easter. Writes of activities including looking for a house. Mentions shortage of houses and long waiting lists. Discusses finance and his allotment to them and that he had tried to change it. Delighted to hear that he had…

Photo 1 is a port side view of a Blenheim Mark IV on the ground.
Photo 2 is a Beaufighter, port side view.
Photo 3 is a Meteor, port side view.

Item 1 refers to a protest from Dresden over a statue to Sir Arthur Harris.
Item 2 is a letter thanking Sir Arthur Harris from a couple bombed out of their home in Liverpool.
Item 3 is an article titled 'Remembering Bomber H'.
Item 4 is a letter…

Writes thoughts of the past and shortest days of the year. Mentions trip to library to find out more about El Kef. Continues with news of activities and upcoming Christmas. Worried that he has not had any news of them for four months. Comments on…
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