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Mentions 9th anniversary of engagement and that he had booked table for two at the Bull Hotel, Gerrards Cross, Request she book taxi and ring to confirm arrangements. Envelope with "Mrs Valentine" and diagram.

Wishes her happy birthday and reminisces over recent walk with her.

To Mr Floyd, father of Philip Floyd, mentioning that he was his son's navigator and that he had recently discovered Mr Loyd's address. Expresses concern that he might upset Mr Floyd. Provides description of their last operation on 1000 bomber attack…

Reports he is discharged home tonight.

Reporting he had been re-admitted to hospital.

Announcing that he would be discharged from hospital and home Friday.

To wife Ursula. Announces convalescing from diphtheria, detained in RAF Hospital Wroughton. Allowed visitors daily after midday, longing to see you. On the reverse train times.

Announces he is back in England. Letter to follow

Announces that camp has been liberated but only one third of prisoners were still there. He had been able to stay behind as he was in sick bay recovering from diphtheria. He was over illnes but does not know when he will be back in Britain.

Badly damaged letter informing that he is a prisoner of war.

Letter to P Floyd, father of his pilot Philip expressing his admiration for his skill as a pilot and sorrow in having to inform him of Philip's probable death. Gives an account of being shot down.

States that he managed to bail out before plane crashed. Would be moved to permanent camp soon. Request wife not to send anything yet.

Relates that representative of Swedish Y.M.C.A visited his camp recently bearing enquiries about his well being. The visitor a Mr Soderburg asked if he needed anything and he asked for a violin bow as well as tooth paste and socks as his wife's last…

Number 181-37. Writes that he has increased his pay allotment to her and mentions other financial matters. Lists request for items of clothing and other items which he would like her to send. Asks he to ask friends to send him tobacco, books and…

He hopes she has been lucky with Christmas presents, as she is a very good girl. He mentions that she has grown up a lot since he left and is longing to see her.

Number 179-36. Writes that local circumstances are very trying but he has received a letters from her. Also received a violin sent a year ago, case smashed and violin cracked but is still better than the one he had. He has little opportunity to…

Number 148-35. Remind her of anniversary of event 5 years ago and that some more letters from her have arrived. Mentions playing violin and is delighted with photographs of daughter. Assures her that her letters are not trivial. Congratulates her on…

Number 177-34. Reports arrival of many letters and joy of photographs. Catches up with family/friend news. He talks about their finances and of her purchase of extra land and out buildings. He tells her how depressed he has been and how she was…

Number 176-33. Reports having injections or tetanus. Stocks of tobacco and cigarettes running out. camp facilities improving but reports Army mail much quicker than Air Force mail.

Number 175-32. Noted receipt of letters and photographs. Comments on how much daughter has grown. Bemoans life in camp particularly poor food, monotony, lack of opportunity to study and close proximity of prisoners. Mention he is still practising…

Number 172-31. No mail. Writes they are following daily progress of events but time passes slowly, Mentions library and cut in Red Cross parcels. Reports good health but still problems with violin practise.

Number 173-30. Reports on recently arrived letters and writes of his admiration of her energy in building up their new home. Comments on her visit to Devon. Despite war news he is miserable as a prisoner of war despite others optimism that war will…

Number 172-29. Delighted to get two letters from her and thrilled to hear of birthday gift although he states he is not a virtuoso on the violin. Red cross violin has not arrived but German one has been repaired. Catches up with family friends news…

Number 121-28. Still no mail or food parcels. No chance to practise violin and therefore bored. Good weather and suntan. Reports on health and flies. Mentions war news getting better and optimism abounds but not him. Still worried over new weapons.…

Number 170-27. Writes that new camp is not bad but congested. Unable to find anywhere to practise violin although he has not made much progress. Mentions a letter from her posted end May has arrived. Continue to write to Luft 3 although they are not…
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