Cartoons by Gierek



Cartoons by Gierek


Item 1 is a half length portrait of Gierek
Item 2 is a political cartoon with Jo Stalin, Hitler, Nazis and a soldier with Poland under his arm. They appear to be gambling for Poland.
Item 3 is an officer shouting at three people on beds on the floor. He is saying 'I live like that, too'.
Item 4 is two men chasing a dog.
Item 5 is three officers around a table,
Item 6 is an officer smoking a pipe and sitting on a bench watching four men doing exercises.
The cartoons are all signed by Gierek and dated 40.
Item 7 is Polish text referring to P-783584 Stryjecki Stanislaw Olgierd who died in an aircraft crash off Morayshire in Scotland on 28.07.42.

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One b/w photographs and five cartoons from a scrapbook


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