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For N Powell with b/w photograph, head and shoulders portrait of an airman. English statement that holder is British airman and asking to be taken to commanding officer and notify nearest British or American military mission in Belgrade, Bucharest,…

A certificate accompanying Jozef's medal.

Both sides of a medal mounted on a card.

A collection of Polish and RAF metal buttons and Polish and British coins.

Both sides of a metal badge mounted on a card. The badge celebrates 1000 years of the Polish state.

12 lists of personal possessions.

A postcard with badges of six cities.

A postcard of badges of Wilno and Lwow.

The extract relates to Jozef's service in the Polish Air Force. The reverse is blank.

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A card sent by Flight Lieutenant St. Lernicus.

Notes in Polish language.

Polish language card with personal details.
This is a document which has been completed on behalf of the sister of Bronislaw Soltysiak, as she was looking for him. The Red Cross reunited many Polish Families after the war. This is a request for…


Note in Polish and English giving place of birth, dates on 6th Squadron Polish air force pre-war and Royal Air Force 2 March 1940 to 22 August 1947.

Note in Polish with English translation concerning an unidentified photograph of Captain Stephan Sznidel and colleague after being honoured with cross of valour'.

Ministry of military affairs. A card authorizing to wear, the cross of the valour. Notes on Group HF/DF system for passing information to aircraft in flight, MF Beacon organisation, enemy M/F beacon, on rice paper instruction, distress TAC, P3 HF/DF.…

A large group of airmen wearing tunics and peaked caps sitting and standing in four rows in front of a building with columned veranda. Two versions of the same image, the first has Polish language caption and some of the personnel are annotated with…

White headstone with S Sznidel, 305 Sqdn'. With wreath laid at bottom. Submitted with caption 'Stephan Sznidel'.

This item was sent to the IBCC Digital Archive already in digital form. No better quality copies are available.

A large group of airmen wearing battledress or tunics with side or peaked caps sitting and standing in five rows in front of a Wellington. One man is standing out of the cockpit with the squadron's dog mascot (called Ciapek). Captioned in Polish '305…

Rear of photograph with Polish handwriting Submitted with caption 'img186-narative for pic 186'

Head and shoulders portrait of a young woman wearing dress with stripes. On the reverse Polish handwriting. Two versions of the same image, the second submitted with information 'img520' and 'img525'.

A group of ten men all wearing civilian suits, four with caps standing on a pavement in the doorway of a building with large window to the right. on the reverse Polish handwriting and date '13/V1/1934'. Two versions of the same image, the second…

A airman wearing flying suit sitting on the port undercarriage wheel of a high-wing single engine aircraft (RWD-8). On the reverse handwriting in Polish and date '10/XII/1936' and 'PLZ - P26 Biplane trainer'. Three versions of the same image, the…

A airmen wearing tunic and peaked cap standing on side of a river with bank, trees and a house in the background. On the reverse a note in Polish and date '1937'. Three versions of the same image, the second submitted with note 'img374' and the third…

Note in Polish with translation accompanying.

Six airmen wearing flying jackets and helmets standing in line in front of a Wellington. On the reverse a handwritten note in Polish.
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