Scenes from France



Scenes from France


Top left a horse drawn cart with a woman and children aboard stands by a roadside. A man stands to the right of the rear wheel. In the background trees.

Top right an airman kneeling stroking a baby goat with his right hand and smoking a cigarette. In the background a chicken hutch and a wall.

Middle left a group of military vehicles in an open area. A road runs from bottom right to mid left. On the left a small wooden structure and in the background trees.

Middle right military vehicles parked in a field. Lorry with trailer, a single trailer and a car are at the front. In the background trees.

Bottom left a street in a town with many vehicles. On the left cars, in the centre a van going right and to its right another van and a lorry going left. On the left is an airman walking towards and to the right a French servicemen with helmet. In the background buildings and in the centre a sign "Restaurant-Hôtel CYGNE", "Vêtements Julien" and a Citroën garage.

Bottom right a group of airmen standing and sitting in front of a hangar. Two are leaning against a pile vehicle tires. Several rifles are visible leaning against baggage and equipment. In the background another hangar.

Additional information kindly provided by Frank Schilder.



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Six b/w photographs mounted on an album page


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