Scenes from France



Scenes from France


Top left a convoy of lorries parked on the right side of a tree lined road. In the distance a group of people are gathered round the rear a lorry.

Top right a serviceman standing in the rear of a lorry serving food to a group of six men, some in uniform shirt sleeves, standing on the ground. To the right behind dense foliage.

Middle left a truck with bicycles on the cab roof and civilians in the back parked in a village street. Four servicemen are standing in front of the truck along with other civilians two with bicycles behind to the left. Behind this group two further lorries are parked with civilians on the back of each. In the background left trees and centre a house. On the extreme left a car.

A group of five servicemen, one with steel helmet, stand around a fire pit about to cook an unidentified fowl. Two other servicemen left and right in the background.

Bottom right a group of servicemen in shirt sleeves with steel helmets sit in the bottom of a deep ditch. In the background dense foliage.

Bottom right a baby goat stands on grass facing left. A pair of hands are holding the goat's body.



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Spatial Coverage



Six b/w photographs mounted on an album page


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