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Air-to-air view of a Halifax flying with only starboard inner engine over a rural landscape. The aircraft is painted in camouflage colours and late 1942 roundels are on the wings and fuselage. The Rolls Royce Merlin engine spinners are painted white…

Left page; top, view across tennis courts to Headington School, Headington road, Headington, Oxford.
Bottom, a group of 13 girls and a teacher taken in the main assembly hall of Headington school.
Right page: top a group of 13 children and a…

The six airmen are sitting on an old cannon amidst a snowy landscape. On the reverse 'Just qualified as Sergeant Observers. This is the only photo of me (at the back without a cap) with stripes & 1/2 wing as at the time I was unaware that I had been…

Several buildings, single and two storeys.

A large group of trainees arranged in four rows in front of a large building.

Four photographs of Naples area August 1945.
Open menu airmen's mess, 42 ANS Port Elizabeth. Captioned 'The only good meal we had in the mess'.


A group of men and woman wearing swimming costumes standing and sitting on a wooden pontoon with a boat on the left. On the reverse indecipherable handwriting,

Two men and two women all wearing fur coats walking on snow covered ground with building in the background. On the reverse Polish caption with date 13/2/40 and note 'M + F, Liz, visiting Wilna'.

Left page.
Left: two men standing conversing in a garden, house in the background.
Middle: two men standing at top of steps in the doorway of a house.
Right: three men sitting a table while a woman serves drinks.
Right page
Left: man and…

Left page.
Left: a man wearing white in front of the Nowe Lazienki mineralne (New mineral baths), Krynica-Zdroj, Poland. Captioned 'Krynica 1937'.
Right: a man an two woman, all in white standing in a city street.
Right page.
Left: a man and a…

Left page.
Left: a group of three men and four women standing on a terrace overlooking a river, with hills in the background.
Right: group of three men and four women standing in front of railings with river in the background.

Left page.
Left: a man walking down walking along Bulwary Dietla, Krynica- Zdroj, Poland with houses on right.
Right: a man and woman standing by the railing of a footbridge.
Right page.
Left: a man wearing shorts and shirt sitting on the lap…

Left page.
Left: two people riding in a carriage with driver on left. Town and hills in the background. Captioned Pamiatka Z Krynicy'.
Right: two men and two women looking down from balcony of Sienkiewiczówka, 19 Jarostawa Dabrowskiego,…

A man standing on rocks at a beach. He is wearing a cloth cap and jacket.

A Soviet Union Displaced Persons camp entrance. An entrance sign can be seen.

A group of airmen in military uniform outside a entrance to a building.

The photograph on the top left of the left page shows a group of people sitting on some steps outside a house.
The photograph on the top right of the left page shows a train travelling on a track situated between a cliff side and a body of water.…

A train, with multiple carriages crossing open scrubland about to enter a cutting in the hillside. There are mountains in the distance.

A steam train with multiple carriages travelling along a hillside in a hilly landscape.

The two photographs on the left page show aerial views of the countryside.
The photograph on the right page shows an aerial view of Niagara Falls.

The photographs on the left of the left page and the two photographs on the right page show aerial views of urban settlements.
The photograph on the right of the left page shows an aerial view of the countryside.

The photograph on the right page shows an aerial view of a settlement taken from an aircraft. An aircraft wing can be seen in the foreground on the right of the photograph.

Six photographs showing buildings, coasts and landscapes of Gibraltar, with annotations.
Top left shows the water catchments from the sea.
Top right shows Moorish Castle.
Middle left shows buildings of the vineyards / gasworks area on the…

John, wearing desert uniform, with shorts and shirt and tie, standing on the steps of the Round House Hotel steps. On reverse is 'Yours truly on Round House steps'.


John, wearing long trousered uniform, standing on the steps of the Round House Hotel. On the reverse 'At the Round House'.


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