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Dam wall with sluices open and water flowing out.

A long two story building with arched windows and doorways on the far side of an open space with a few people walking.

Three photographs, first two individuals posing with Jeep and two trailers outside a building, trees in the background, second large building in tropical town, third soldier posed on bumper of military vehicle outside a building.

Two photographs from an album. Both photos include airmen on rowing boats on a river.

Three low angle oblique aerial photographs of an oil refinery. It is in a coastal location.
Photograph 1 is mostly storage tanks.
Photograph 2 is of tanks and production facilities.
Photograph 3 is of production facilities.

Photo 1 is the exterior of a church
Photo 2 is a church interior
Photo 3 is an ornate church interior
Photo 4 is an ornate altar
Photo 5 is a close up of the altar
Photo 6 is a case holding five lamps
Photo 7 is a church exterior
Photo 8 is a…

A dock with two ships in the distance. Further behind are low hills. In the foreground a sole pedestrian is walking by.

A street scene dominated by a three storey bell tower. In the front is a car and a pedestrian.

In the foreground is a small village and behind are cliffs and a low hill.

A city nestling at the foot of some tall hills.

A curved bay with scattered farms and houses. In the foreground a road marked with barrels. Behind are low hills.

A view of the sea taken from a road zig-zagging up a hillside. The side of the road is marked with barrels painted in stripes.

A gravel road bending to the left. There is a row of telegraph poles and low hills in the distance.

A small church with a large dome.

Building with one and two story parts. Many glass windows with white bricks below. Steps lead down from doorway in centre front. A nurse stands at the bottom of the steps. In front grass and in the distance behind a hill.

Large group of servicemen some standing and others sitting on the grass all in front of a large building.

Photo 1 and 2 are street scenes taken from a raised elevation. There are no people or cars on the images.

Photo 1 is of a bridge over a river.
Photo 2 is of a different bridge.

Photo 1 is a view over a city taken from the top of a hill. In the background is a river.

Photo 2 is a two storey wooden house taken from the side of the road.

Air to ground view of roads in fields along the top and buildings bottom left.

Air to ground view of eight Lancasters with light paint scheme lined up in pairs pointing right. Beyond them a runway with buildings on the far side.

Vertical air to ground view of an airfield parking pan running top left to bottom right. Airfield buildings are also shown. Parked on the pan are Lancaster, B-29, C-57, Northrop P61, B-17 and Lockheed Constellation as well as other aircraft.…

Air to ground view of city with tall buildings in the centre

Air to ground view from cockpit of runway threshold. Aircraft on taxiway to left and cars parked on perimeter track in foreground.

Air to ground view of coastal low cliffs run bottom left to right with open countryside beyond.
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