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Top right: River.
Centre: Cinema. On reverse: 'Plaza talkies South Parade Rd'.
Centre right: Passenger train on single track in lush vegetation.
Bottom left: Maharajah 'Krishnaraja wodeyar' Memorial in Mysore.
Bottom right: Mosque with two domed…

A series of brick built, flat roofed buildings with chimneys. The second storey has outward lifting shutters. There is an arched colonnade on the ground floor and a bicycle leans against one of the arches. A badminton net is erected in the courtyard…

Long, low whitewashed brick building with tiled roof, brick pillared veranda with large outward opening windows, standing between a row of palm trees and a sloping sandy beach. Easy chairs and sun loungers stand in front of the veranda with canvas…

Low brick building with a corrugated roof, chimneys and a brick pillared veranda, with doorways beyond, along its length. Open grassed area in front with circular flowerbed bordered with individual whitewashed stones.

The single storied, whitewashed and tiled roofed Imperial Talkies cinema; benches in a circular formation in front with a car parked alongside.

Tree line street with two story building on far side. Group of servicemen walking down the street with others walking in the distance.

A large group of air cadets with officers and non-commissioned officers wearing tunics and side caps sitting and standing in six rows. Church/chapel and other buildings in the background. On the reverse 'Norman Powell, 4th from front, 2nd from…

Three airmen in distance sitting round a table in village square with buildings surrounding. Steep hillside behind with further buildings and steep mountainous cliffs above.

A large group of air cadets with officers and non-commissioned officers wearing tunics and side caps sitting and standing in six rows. Church/chapel and other buildings in the background. On the reverse 'Norman Powell, 4th from front, 2nd from…

A city shoreline with various buildings, some with domes and towers taken from a ship. Various boats on the sea closer to the shore.

Two ships in port. Dockside with cranes and buildings.

Military personnel queuing to embark on a ship from a portside with rails. Moveable low fencing to control the orderly flow of hundreds of men carrying kit bags and other items. Row of parked trucks next to a large building with a ‘no smoking’…

Man wearing a suit in an open space with a flat roofed brick building in the background.

Large building with two storey triple arches and ground floor colonnade with flowerbeds.

Two storey corrugated roofed white brick building. Ground floor colonnade with wicker chairs and set in garden with flowerbeds.

Three men sat on a bench, one wearing a civilian suit, another, smoking, is in a tie and short sleeved shirt and the third is in a sergeant’s RAF uniform. A fourth man, standing behind the bench, is also wearing a sergeant’s RAF uniform. The…


Large two storied flat roofed brick building with arched ground floor colonnade. First floor windows have external horizontal lifting shutters. Bicycle leaning against the colonnade arches on ground floor.

Large two storied flat roofed brick building with external staircase leading to the roof. There is the letter ‘G’ denoted on the roof line of the building. The first floor windows have external horizontal lifting shutters. There are men outside…

Long brick building with stepped two storey colonnade. Ground floor open colonnade with pedestrians and bicycles and trees. Roadway with a man in a turban cycling.

Johnny Simms in uniform sat on stone monument
Annotated on the reverse: 'Johnny Simms Taken near Poona'.

A street scene taken at a road junction on a sunny day. A line of street bollards with a row of parked cars. Large three storey building with shops below including a Bata store. A busy road with mixed vehicles including lorry and wooden carts. Line…

A four storey flat roofed building with balconies in the top three floors on a corner position on a street with pavement. A sign for the 'Cafe Victory & Stores' on the ground floor, with a few steps leading up to the entrance. A group of servicemen,…

Long white building with open colonnade in a garden with flowerbeds including hollyhocks and a bench seat. Serviceman standing in garden area. Further buildings on the left and a utility pole with wires attached.

One older and one younger man are standing on a roadway in front of a long, low, flat roofed brick built colonnaded building with chimneys. Between the men is an urn with a carrying handle at the top a tap low down. The young man in carrying a…

Two storey, flat roofed, building with walkway above ground floor colonnade. Second storey has chimneys and horizontal lifting covers on windows opening onto walkway. Bicycle leaning against ground floor colonnade and erected badminton net in…
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