Caen-Carpiquet Airfield



Caen-Carpiquet Airfield


Aerial vertical photograph showing an airfield. Airfield fills left two thirds with runway running vertically up. Runway 31 is at the bottom with a square area of buildings just outside the perimeter track to the right. There is are complex of hangars/dispersals on the perimeter track on both left and right hand side of the airfield. There is a line of bomb explosions crossing the runway just under half way up. There are further bomb explosions to the right and below the right hand hangar complex. Craters can be seen to the left of the left hand hangar complex. Captioned 'Caen-Carpiquet'

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On b/w photograph mounted on an album page

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“Caen-Carpiquet Airfield,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed June 20, 2024,

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