Caen marshalling yard



Caen marshalling yard


Aerial vertical photograph of a town with marshalling yard. A river/canal runs from halfway up on the left to bottom right. A railway line runs from top left into a large marshalling yard in the centre right which contains a large amount of rolling stock. Another railway line runs from just above the river to the same marshalling yard. The main part of the town is in the top half above the railway lines. A road runs from the left above the river diagonally to the top right with a further road running from top left to middle right. There are a large number of bomb explosions where these two roads cross. There are also more scattered bomb explosions running from the top right of the marshalling yard down to the river/canal. Captioned 'Caen'.

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One b/w photograph mounted on an album page

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“Caen marshalling yard,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed April 17, 2024,

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