Letter to 'Winnie' Churchill from F P Grant



Letter to 'Winnie' Churchill from F P Grant


Writes that he has left the air force and starts new job with customs and excise shortly. Comment on his future and life in Canada. States he has not seen anyone from the squadron but has had a letter from ex colleague.




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[circled] Mr. [/circled] F. R. Grant
30 Abbott st.
May 4th
Dear “Winnie”
Received your very welcome letter today – written April 8th. I was just beginning to think you had done some silly thing like “missing”. I was very pleased to hear “Winkey Poo” has made you quit because you didn't have sense enough to do it yourself.
Well “Winnie” as you can see by the top of this letter, I have my “bowler hat” I got out on April 12th – my 34th birthday. I have been selling Victory Bonds for the past two wks. Monday I start working as a Customs & Excise Inspector (a permanent job) I was sworn in today and start on Monday. It is a very good job and an excellent chance to work up higher. I will be at the big bridge over the St. Lawrence just 20 miles from town. The wife and I are trying to get a cottage up there for the summer. It is right among the Thousand Islands so will be real nice in summer. Yes “Winnie” since I came home everything has been falling my way. My brother was posted to Vancouver so I have bought his car. I have a very good bank account – the very best wife – a good job and good health so what more could a fellow wish for.
I haven't seen any of the old squadron boys since I came back. I called Eddie Raizenne up when I was in Ottawa but he was out of town. I must get busy and write some letters. We have been real busy since I came home --- along with catching up and visiting we have been on the go all the time. I still have to go to Toronto for a visit but that will have to wait now that I am starting to work.
I had a letter from the adj. in India and as usual he is fed up. and doesn't like it. He has met Alan over there but hasn't heard from the squadron boys. From what he says he has been moved about a lot and has to work for a change. He met Alan in Calcutta
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and had quite a visit. The adj. never mentioned the snap album so his wife couldn't have told him.
I suppose the old squadron is practically finished now. I'll bet the bar in the mess is a busy place. How are “Winkey Poo” and Ken getting along – still as full of hell as ever? I certainly would have liked to have been with you the night you had the “do”.
So Old Man Wadeson has my bed ---- I thought he would have been pensioned off by this time, you must have quite a time with Andesan – old lady
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“letch” Jouden in the same hut.
Well this is where I must say so long for this time Give my regards to Joan , your family, “Winkey Poo” Ken, and all my old friends of the squadron. You must try and get over to Canada after the war – how about making your honeymoon trip over here? Look after yourself and for heavens sake pop the question soon.
All the best
love and kisses
The wife sends her best regards
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[postage stamp]
To: F/LT K.W.Churchill D.F.M.
2 Mill Cottages
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Mr. F. P. Grant
30 Abbott st.



F P Grant, “Letter to 'Winnie' Churchill from F P Grant,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed June 16, 2024, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/15024.

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