Letter to David Donaldson from F P Grant



Letter to David Donaldson from F P Grant


Catches up with current personal news from Canada. Writes that he misses squadron but has received letter from colleague. States things in Canada better than England and comment on the weather. Send regards to all.




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To: W/Comd D.W. Donaldson D.S.O. D.F.C
R.A.F. Station Foulsham
Nr. E. Dereham
Norfolk England
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F/O Grant F. P.
Can J 17820
30 Abbott Street
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March 22/45
Dear “Winco” and Ken:
Just a few lines to let you know I am still “kicking” and able to take a few beers (when we can get it.) I am still on leave and enjoying it very much. I have to report to Ottawa on April 11th to go before the release board. I am almost certain that I will be getting my “bowler hat” I have two or three offers for when I get out so should be all right.
It certainly was good to get back with the wife and my folks. I have been to a party nearly every night since I got home but am catching up with my “home work”. I miss the old squadron and the boys. If I was still in England I wouldn't want to be on any other squadron. I received “Winnie's” letter yesterday and he gave me all the news. According to the news you have been kept busy since I left. He told me about Ken being Pop MK. II – congrats Ken – keep them out of the Air Force.
Things over here are a bit better than in England but people are beginning to realize there is a war on. Food is quite plentiful but you have to look around for clothes. I went out to buy a civilian shirt and could only get one in town. My old tailor managed to get me a suit and overcoat. You don't need coupons but things in that line are hard to get.
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The weather has been perfect since I came home. It snowed last night but is nearly gone now. I have only worn my greatcoat once so you know how warm it is getting ------ it seems rather strange to see the sun shining for a wk at at time.
Well I can't think of any more news for this time so will say so long. Give my very best
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regards to “Jock” [name indecipherable], all the orderly room and tell the Group Capt. I haven't any ruptures as yet. Give my regards to all the old boys. I would like to thank you “Winkey Poo” for all you did for me while I was on the squadron. I would appreciate hearing from you both when you have time to drop me a line.
Cheerio for now
and all the best
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