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Congratulations on bar to Distinguished Service Order.

Is enclosing a cheque for £20 to help for things for David's wife. Thanks him for visiting and that he has now recovered.

Writes that he spent a pleasant Christmas with David's daughter and wife. Thanks him for present and catches up with family news.
He thanks David and Joyce for their Christmas present. Reports on his granddaughter and on his two other sons Ian (on…

Catches up with family matters and news.

Congratulates on new arrival and enclosing wire from brother Norman accepting role as godfather. Reports his mother is working hard and hoping to see granddaughter soon.

Written from 27 Squadron India. Writes of life in India, that he has had many letters from various people. Mention lack of social life and catches up with family news.

Written while at home, catches up with family news.

Letter congratulates him on award of Distinguished Service Order and catches up with family news.

Writes of being settled in new accommodation and how she is managing. Catches up with new of family and acquaintances. Welcomes prospect of being a grandmother.

Catches up with family news and mentions health issue. Congratulates him on squadron leader.
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