Part of letter from Norman



Part of letter from Norman


Writes about uniform being made and banter about joining military. Additional information about this item was kindly provided by the donor.



Two page handwritten letter


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better lay in a good stock of brown paper and string.
The uniform isn't taking shape as I [hole in paper] owing to a slight muddle about the cloth, but I think it's settled now at last; I've got a whipcord, slightly greenish and fairly heavy. I had an awful job deciding from the patterns, but I saw the roll of stuff today, and it's certainly much nicer than the barathea. The man doesn't seem quite sure whether I'm allowed it, but I'm pretty sure no-one will notice it; it's a very unobtrusive cord. No pleated or baggy pockets, I'm afraid, but I don't think it will look too bad. I tried on a beret today; it made me look like a pastry cook.
My friend Ted is going to be a W.O. in the very near future - probably before I go to Oxford so he really
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hasn't done too badly. I asked if I could be a sergeant or something just for a couple of weeks, for the fun (and also the money) [hole in paper] it, but my C.O. said no, he'd have to fill in too many forms for it to be worth his while. Which all goes to shew what a ridiculous place this is. Three of them are probably becoming W.O.s – Ted Beard, who's far too benevolent, another bloke who's a communistic intellectual in manner and appearance, and a third who just hasn't the pres[character deleted]ence for a W.O., if you know what I mean. Not that I have any illusions as to what I shall look like as an officer.
I must knock off now and go and see if my cap is still knocking about the cinema floor. I hope you are enjoying life as gentle-folk! Love to all.



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