Letter from Ian Wynn to his wife



Letter from Ian Wynn to his wife


Thanks her for letter and complains about life at St Athan. Writes of leave and life on camp. Mentions news about acquaintance and tells amusing story about colleague. Catches up with domestic matters.



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Four page handwritten letter




Temporal Coverage


D 5,
St Athan,
30th Oct 1942.

My Dearest,
I have just found out it is Friday. I had intended to write you for Saturday, but we are so busy here that I had no [corrected: was now] idea it was Friday already
Anyway thanks for your letters of this week. I still am fed up with this place. It is not the course that is worrying, it is the Bunkum & [deleted] B[indecipherable] [/deleted] silly regulations that one has to content [sic] with after working hours. However with luck I should be away in about a fortnight. Within five weeks of then [sic] I should be at home all being well. I should be able to tell you more definitely after I leave here. I should be able to let you know well in time for
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[underlined] 2 [/underlined]
you to get your hair set.
I went to the Camp flicks last night and saw “Dangerous Moonlight” It was quite good too Have you seen it? If not it is worth your while that is if you are lucky where it is being shown.
Today I heard from “Bing” (The Chap from Ellesmere port) who tells me they are working like very devil now. As busy as blazes. That is certainly a devil of a Unit for work. I am glad to be away from there any way [sic] By the way it should be getting time you hear “ from the Shetlands” If you have not: Let me have the address & Ill [sic] write them again.
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[underlined] 3 [/underlined]
How are the boys doing.
I must tell about the chap who sleeps oposite [sic] to me here. He has just come back from the middle east after 3 years. His wife is living with his sister, & they have a boy about 4 Any way [sic] when he came home the boy was asleep in his own room. However next morning the boy (David) came to get in his mummy’s [smudged] bed [/smudged] as usual He climbed up on to the bed, then turned and fled screaming “Auntie Auntie Quick, there’s a man in bed with Mummy”. Poor kid! & Poor Daddy!
Oh would you please take my brown shoes somewhere (Northwick?) and have them DYED BLACK. So that I can wear them with my R.A.F. clothes
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[underlined] 4 [/underlined]
I think that the heels are a bit worn, if they are would you get [underlined] Quarter [/underlined] Rubbers put on them please and then I can collect them when I come on leave. Well love I must close now as I want to write to Cranwell. I nearly [corrected] forgot [/corrected] too I dont [sic] know what to advise you about the ear I am afraid I dont [sic] know the details of the ear.
All my love [corrected: was loves] darling
Yours Ever [underlined] Ian [/underlined]



Ian Archer Wynn, “Letter from Ian Wynn to his wife,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed May 12, 2021, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/11732.

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