Continuation of Letter from Pat Hogan to Kevin Hogan



Continuation of Letter from Pat Hogan to Kevin Hogan


Continues from previous item with discussion of British politics and reasons why the Tory party lost the election. Reports arrival of three cakes and asks that no more be sent as the officers mess do not do too badly. The next part is damaged and unreadable. Congratulates him on commission. Continues with discussion of academic studies and their usefulness as well as a long chat on cricket. More of this page is damaged and unreadable. Concludes with news that his former engineer has received his commission and gossip about other colleagues.




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A436464 P/O P.J HOGAN
Continuing Kev,
contact with about the way they were treated by the Tories & how every other people in the world were beginning to despise them for being so spineless as to sit back & take it. I know I overstated most of it but there is nothing like an argument. And I really feel that this Govt will do things for they are very enthusiastic, come from every walk of life & social standing. Moreover there are quite a few of them women & a good blending of youth. Enough for the election.
Today I received 3 cakes – 2 from Marie & one from Eileen. 2 days ago I had one from Daisy so let me take this opportunity of cancelling any further despatches. Now I’m in the officers mess I don’t really do too badly as the same rations are served up much better under a totally different system of camouflage. The only thing I miss is fruit & as Marie tells me it is unprocureable [sic] there isn’t much point in worrying about parcels. Keep your eye out for any 116 film that may be around.
How is the Army going these days. [missing words] for not previously having congratulated you on your commission [missing words] pleased to hear of your success. Dan tells me you are now contemplating doing law. I don’t know how you feel about it but I’ve always considered that the [missing word] I spent [missing words] ours was just a complete waste of a whole year. English [missing word] are on [missing words] but Latin is rather foolish for the same standard only is required in first year at the [indecipherable word] & there doesn’t seem much point in doing it twice. Similarly [inserted] with [/inserted] the other subjects; they might try to push upon you aren’t much use to anyone & are only to fill in time & eventually pass an exam whereupon you proceed to forget all about them. Besides there is little scope & less encouragement to work at the M.B.C. Or that’s how it was when I bludged my last year away there. As Dan tells me there appears to be a possibility of your doing full time studies at the [indecipherable word], I think it is worth while considering whether [indecipherable word] isn’t a waste of a year. Let me know your opinion on the subject.
I suppose you, too, take a bit of an interest in the cricket over here. The boys are doing moderately well considering the numbers they have to choose from. No doubt you know that the big drawcard is always Keith Miller for he is by far the best batsman to watch. Hutton, of course, is equally effective but is painful to watch only having about 3 strokes
[page break]
Keith has developed considerably & should be a wonderful asset if he returns a full back to ST Keddas F.C. He is also the demon fast bowler in this country now although he only takes a few strikes. He makes the odd one bury & do you think they heckle him. Of the unknowns in the team Ellis is up & coming as a left hand googly & Christofani is a fair sort of all rounder. Lisney’s form behind the stumps has been far better than that of Griffiths, the Pongo’s representative. Hasset, Connolly, Pepper and Whittington are patchy & Chatham is hopelessly out of form.
They tell me you are a keen baseballer these days! Or is it softball? I’ve not been doing too much sport although I have an occasional game of cricket. My latest craze now is squash & I’m thinking of having the odd bash [missing words] golf now. Still balls are always [missing words] either nowdays. [sic] In [missing words] our “thanks” every [missing words] do some [missing words] bending exercises now [missing words]. Like everything else here I’m usually a [missing words] on Market day when the whole of Driffield gives it a nudge and ends up at a dance. By the way I hope you are dancing by now.
Jock, my former engineer, has just been in to tell me his commission is through & he will be joining me over here. The Mac, I spoke of as going home & Marie declared she didn’t know to whom I was referring, is Don McDonald, my second skipper. He received the D.F.C. from the king before he left. My present captain is also Mac, - this time Bert McElwee.
Well, Kev, I couldn’t say much more if I wanted to. I hope Marie, Dan & Mary are all recovering from their ailments. Give my regards & best wishes to them all.
Yours – Pat.
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Mr K. G. Hogan
67 Chapel St.,
Bendigo Vic
A436464 P/O P.J. HOGAN
[underlined] LONDON [/underlined]
[date stamp 31 JUL 1945]



P J Hogan, “Continuation of Letter from Pat Hogan to Kevin Hogan,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed August 16, 2022,

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