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Continues from previous item with discussion of British politics and reasons why the Tory party lost the election. Reports arrival of three cakes and asks that no more be sent as the officers mess do not do too badly. The next part is damaged and…

The burnt tail section of a Halifax and a partially damaged house.
Information from donor 'Crashed on take-off from RAF Pocklington all five crew killed'.

This is 102 Squadron Halifax RG482 ‘K’ which crashed into the Red House on Yapham…

Writes of recent activities and domestic matters. Hopes he was not fatigued by return journey and mentions that daughter fell down on way to school and grazed her arm.

Writes enclosing a cheque for £12 contributed by members of the squadron for her children.

Royal Australian Air Force flying log book for Laurence Larmer covering the period from 7 April 1943 to 3 August 1945. Detailing flying training and operations flown. He was stationed at RAAF Benalla, RCAF Dauphin, RAF Fair Oaks, RAF Banff, RAF…
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