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Target photograph of Wangerooge with coastline running middle left to top right. Buildings below with clouds or bomb explosions obscuring bottom right. Captioned '3273 LCF 25-4-45//8" 8000 [censored] Wangerooge(B). Y. 9AMN59DT.4MC500DT [censored],…

Target photograph of Walcheren showing coast with sea to right and land with lagoon in centre. Captioned 'Walcheren, Wad, 7.10.44 //8" 6000 070 13554, 14 x 1000 C21 F/O Ward Smith S. 463'.

A vertical aerial photograph of an operation at Volkel airfield. Much of the image is obscured by bomb blasts and smoke.
It is captioned '1243 KLS 15.8.44//8" 15,500

Vertical aerial photograph of the bombing of Volkel airfield. The right hand side, centre of the image is obscured by bomb explosions and smoke. Captioned '5921. BIN 15-8-44 //8 16000' [arrow] 097° 1203 1/2 Volkel Li 13x1000 4x500 c 32 secs F/O…

Navigational computations and chart for an operation to Vohwinkel marshalling yards. Included is a vertical aerial photograph with the annotation 'N. A/Pp and on the reverse 'Nr Haan Mod 74'.

Navigational computations and a chart for an operation to Wuppertal, Vohwinkel marshalling yards. A vertical aerial photograph taken during the attack is included and has the annotation '200 yds 280°' and on the reverse '200 yds 280° Bomb door mod…

Target photograph of Vohwinkel. In the lower right quadrant rail tracks and sidings are visible, alongside which is a distinctive complex of roads and buildings. The buildings and streets of Gräfrath can be seen at the centre left of the image while…

Target photograph of Vohwinkel. Smoke and glare obscures most of the ground and only the vague outlines of some ground features are visible.
It is annotated: "5B" and captioned: "2659 MEP 1/2.1.45//NT(C)7' 19,500. 360º 1944 VOHWINKEL K 1HC4000IN.…

A vertical aerial photograph of Vohwinkel, near Wuppertal, orientated so that the top edge is roughly south. The multi-track railway is obvious and runs from the lower left corner to a large marshalling yard at the mid-right edge. A branch line joins…

Photo 1 is a vertical aerial photograph of Vohwinkel. The left side of the image is obscured by explosions but there is a great deal of detail visible elsewhere.
Photo 2 is a vertical aerial photograph of an unidentified location. The image is very…

Target photograph of Vitry. No detail visible and almost completely obscured by smoke. Captioned '8°F', '10B', '1147 SKELL.27/28.6.44.//NT(C).8" 5500' [arrow] 065°0151 VITRY RD.U.9X1000.4X500.16secs.P/O DAVIS(.W.J.) U.50'. On the reverse…

Target photograph of Vitry. Red dot on right side. Partially obscured by smoke and dust, bridges over stream, streets and buildings clearly visible. Captioned '8°F', '7B', '1138 SKELL.27/28.6.44//NT.8" 6000' [arrow] 080° 0147 VITRY…

Target photograph of Vitry. Partially obscured by smoke and dust, some light streaks. Street pattern visible but no clear detail. Caption '8° F', '7B', '1140 SKELL.27/28.6.44.//NT.8" 6500' [arrow] 072° 0151 VITRY RD.Y.9X1000.4X500.16secs.P/O…

Target photograph of Vitry. Photograph partially obscured by smoke and light streaks. Captioned '8°F', '7B', '1132 SKELL.27/28.6.44.//NT(C).8" 6500' [arrow] 072° 0152 VITRY RD.B.9X1000.4X500.18secs.P/O PETHICK.B.50'. On the reverse…

A vertical aerial photograph taken during an operation. Most of the top of the image is obscured by light flashes.
It is captioned '1171 Fog 25/26 May 44 // NT 8" 9000' -> 330° 00.33 Viterbo. D.9x500 P8. Sgt Bird L 104'.

Two photographs from an album.
#1 is a vertical aerial photograph taken during the bombing at Villers Bocage.
#2 is temporary graves of Bob Cooke and Crew at Tilly-sur-Seulles, Normandy.

Target photograph of Villeneuve. Red dot right of centre. Centre mainly obscured by smoke and dust, area that is visible is urban, roads and structures visible. Captioned '8°F', '8B', '1297 Skell.14/15.7.44//NT.8" 6000' [arrow] 355° 0138 VILLENEUVE…

Target photograph of Villeneuve. Urban area, no detail but larger roads and structures are visible. Some light streaks. Captioned '5°F', '7B', '1292 SKELL.14/15.7.44//NT(C)8" 7000' [arrow] 355° 0145 VILLENEUVE RD.U.1X1000.16X500.21secs.F/O DAVIS…

Target photograph showing explosions and smoke. Captioned '2747 104/80 22/23 Mar 45. F8 NT//10,000ft > 283 degrees, 20.17 Villach, F 10x500, MkIII 25 F/O Ward (F/O Scott B/A, R, 2x 1000'. Two versions of the same image.

Target photograph of Villach showing a large area of very bright glare to the left. Elsewhere some road and street details are visible. It is captioned:
2769 104/83 25/26-MAR-45. F8". NT//9,820' →234º 20.29. VILLACH
D 12x500 (INC) MkIII 20 F/O…

Low quality copies of two target photographs of Villach. No ground details are discernible, and both contain a large patch of glare.
The left image is captioned:
2769 104/83 25/26-MAR-45. F8. NT.//9820'.→234º. 20.19. VILLACH
D. 12x…

Two poor quality copies of target photographs of Trento and Vicenza. Neither have any discernible ground detail and only glare and tracer trails can be seen. The upper image is captioned:
2829 104/90. 8/9.APR.45. F8". NT. //9.500 → [redacted]…

Target photograph of open countryside. Road runs bottom middle zig-zag to middle right. Bomb explosion bottom middle. Captioned '2091, 104/25, 17/18 Nov 44, F8, NT, 7700 ft,→ 300 degrees, 21.03, Vicenza, A/O. E, 9x500, 3x250 MkIII 20, F/O Chadwick.…

Target photograph showing tracer lines and explosion. Captioned
2716, 104/76 18/19 MAR45. F8. N.T.//9,300' →[redacted] VICENZA
C 4x1000. 8x500. MkIII 24. F/O WARD (F/O SCOTT B/A) P.
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