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On the front under Season's Greetings coloured artwork showing a group of three women and a man hauling on rope while a woman wearing overalls and hat stands in charge. In the background a barrage balloon just of the ground below which another group…

On the front coloured artwork depicting a group wearing Women's Auxiliary Air Force uniform with a number of large white sacks, One woman second from left is reading a letter. In the background a railway porter and other people. Captioned 'WAAF…

Top left - a man with head above water behind a model boat. Captioned 'D43 WO Bristow's Steam Boat, Stalag Luft 3, 42'.
Top middle - a man in vest sitting on the side of a pool while another in front of him tends a steam boat model in the water.…

Top left: a group of men sitting on side of a square pool. On the left a man is launching a model steam boat. Captioned 'D41 W O Bristow's Steam Boat, Stalag Luft 3, 42'. Top right: a man squatting down on the edge of a pool launching a model steam…

Advertising poster entitled 'W E Akrill, 1922-1943, a life in art'.

Portrait photograph of Bill surrounded by artwork including cartoons, silhouettes, figures and Lincoln cathedral.

At Collingham Methodist Church, June 28 & 29 [no year], 9.30…

Vehicles with British flags are entering the town while civilians line the streets, waving and throwing flowers. In front of a large building, behind the fountain, the Italian, British and American flags are flying. An aircraft is flying over and two…

Card with stitched heart, cupid and needlework greetings to Peter.

Picture of a model Typhoon aircraft with skull and cross bones nose art.

12 Cartoons of various types of airmen encountered in the RAF.
The keen type, the creeping type, the – I've been in longer than you type, the very fond of his tapes type, the couldn't care less type, the roll on demob type, the line shooting type,…

One colour postcard drawing of two Mustangs.

A colour postcard drawing of two Mosquitos.

A colour postcard drawing of two Lightnings engaged in a dog fight.

A colour postcard drawing of two Hurricanes in a dog fight.

A colour postcard drawing of two Martletts in a dog fight.

A colour postcard drawing of two Defiants in a dog fight with four German bombers.

On one side is a conductor, piano, drummer violin drawn in an abstract manner. On the reverse a coloured abstract sketch.

Key and cottage sketch and poem on the front.
Poem on the reverse.

Commemorative picture of Lancaster for attack on Turin. In a circle at the top a Lancaster on the ground with engines running. Underneath a box with caption 'Turin, 9 Squadron, 18/19 November 1942'. At the bottom a box with crew names 'S/Ldr…

Aircrew riding on an armoured tank talking off with airfield below. All seven aircrew positions are represented.

A poem titled To the Ivory Boys and signed Anon.

Quote from Byron with note 'this is my wish for you' from Sgt Nav Cecil E Wood from Canada.

Love poem about a romantic date with a young man.

A religious poem about the ascent of the soul

Poem about losing a loved one and subsequent memories.

Poem about prisoners of war.
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