Le Courrier de l'Air



Le Courrier de l'Air


This edition focuses on a series of statements made by allied leaders and key French figures, reacting to the D-Day landings on 6th June.
General Eisenhower, Supreme Allied Commander of the Allied Expeditionary Force urges people to be ready to play their part. He reassures the French that, once liberated, they will choose their own government.
General Montgomery expresses confidence in the combined allied forces.
Leaflet drops at 5.30am on 6th June contain a message from General Eisenhower, alerting the French living within 35km of the coast to leave for the countryside, away from transport routes. A second leaflet urges transport and communication employees to ensure the plan to attack transport routes is successful.
General de Gaulle, at the BBC in London, asks the French to fight by all possible means but to take care and follow orders. The Resistance and French army will be involved.
Albert Guigui, the CGT delegate in London, calls on French workers to do all they can to thwart the enemy including acts of sabotage, whilst taking care not to be captured.
In Algeria, M. Le Troquer, Deputy Commissioner for the Administration of Free Metropolitan Territories, exhorts everyone to do all they can to ensure France’s liberation. This is reiterated by M. Félix Gouin, President of the Advisory Council. M. Emmanuel d’Astier, Commissioner of the Interior, remarks that the French Forces of the Interior will join the Allies.
Churchill’s makes a statement on 6th June in the House of Commons and shares details of the landings, the combined forces and successes so far. He refers to the complexity of the plans and the tactic of surprise. All are resolved to succeed.
There are extracts from the King’s radio broadcast that same evening in which he calls on the nation and empire to be strong, and pray for those involved, calling it a fight of good against evil.
There are several photographs relating to the D-Day landings, which include General Eisenhower, General Montgomery and Sir Bertram Ramsay, Naval Commander in Chief of the Allied Naval Expeditionary Force.



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