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A small group of men and women, some standing, some lying on the grass. Behind are deciduous trees. On the reverse 'W Calves'.

Photograph 1 is a three-quarters length portrait of a man wearing shorts. Desert landscape in background.
Photograph 2 is a sergeant in tropical uniform with shorts. He is holding a machine gun and leaning on a UN Landrover. He is wearing a UN cap…

Photograph 1 is half-length portrait of a young man, dressed in a suit, bow tie and white carnation.
Photograph 2 is the same man with an older woman watching a man using woodworking tools, behind is a dhow pulled onto a beach.

Young girl wearing tunic which comes down to her feet. Tunic has warrant officer rank, half brevet, medal ribbons and pathfinder badge. She is wearing a flying helmet with goggles and is holding a rifle with butt on the ground. To the left is a…

Young girl dressed in tunic with warrant office rank, half brevet, medal ribbons and pathfinder badge. She is wearing flying helmet and goggles and standing on a Castrol oil drum. There is a wooden fence bottom left and in the background a brick…

Young girl wearing skirt and jacket sitting in front of a Spitfire on display at Trafalgar Square. In the background multi-storey buildings, one with Bovril and BOAC advertisement.


Young girl wearing skirt and jacket standing in front of a Meteor RA476. In the background another aircraft and tall buildings.


In the foreground a young girl wearing skirt and dark jacket. Behind a Meteor surrounded by rope barrier. In the background left cars, trees and people.


Young girl wearing tunic which reaches her feet. Tunic has warrant officer rank, half brevet and medal ribbons. On her head a flying helmet and goggles. In the background a brick house with window and wooden gate. Photograph has been printed flipped…

A head and shoulders portrait of a young girl.

A young girl wearing a dress and standing in a garden with bushes behind her. On the reverse 'W. Calves'

Head and shoulders of a smiling young girl in blouse and pinafore.

Cyril is sitting on a table. He is holding a model aeroplane. On the reverse 'A/C model Cyril made from balsa wood age 16½ (1937) after a very serious illness 3 months in hospital!'

Photograph 1 is Keith dressed formally and wearing a hat, standing on one leg, captioned 'The Stork'.
Photograph 2 is a boy and a girl playing at the beach, behind is a boat, captioned 'Enjoying the Sand'.
Photograph 3 is a girl looking at the…


Photograph 1 is of a young girl sitting.
Photograph 2 is a girl wearing a sunhat and carrying a pail at the seaside.
Photograph 3 is a girl scratching her head. She is sitting with a bowl in a garden.
Photograph 4 is four adults, a baby and a boy…

Photograph 1 is a baby sitting on top of a wooden table.
Photograph 2 is a young boy sitting on a sandy beach.
Photograph 3 is a man, two women and six children arranged in and around a motorised trailer being steered by the man.
Photograph 4 is a…

Photograph 1 is a half length portrait of a young boy.
Photograph 2 is a sepia head and shoulders portrait of a woman in early twentieth-century dress.

Half length portrait of young African girls.

The scan of this photograph has not been published online because it features culturally inappropriate themes. For more information, visit and…

A row of buildings line the back of a riverbank, some boats are parked up to the edge.

This is an item about a place. Please use the links below to see all relevant documents available in the Archive.

The tail of a York, '4999'. In the background is a white hut. On the reverse 'Smuts' York Dorricott'. The aircraft was RAF but was transferred to the South African Air Force.

Additional information about this item has been kindly provided by the…


Port side front of a York.

The port nose of a York. The pilot's window is open. On the reverse 'Smuts' York' Dorricott'.


A Yokosuka MXY-7 Ohka is resting on A-frames, with its canopy open. A building and some trees are visible in the background.

A group of 18 RAF personnel are standing or seated around a YMCA tea car, some are holding mugs, others are smoking, others are standing in lines in front of the open side of the van. John Bagg is sitting on the running board with the white mug.…
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