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Helga Wynne was born into a family of twelve in 1926 in Kiel, Germany. She describes her childhood and her father working as a shipbuilder in the dockyards. She left school at 14 and went to work on a farm. She fell through the hayloft opening,…

Helga (00:00-34:00) was born in Kiel in 1926. Her father was a sailor, who then worked at Krupp shipbuilding yard; her mother was a tram driver during the war. None of her brothers were called up, either because of age or disability. Mentions Hitler…

Three quarters length photograph of Helga. She has caught a fish and is holding a fishing rod.


Head and shoulders portrait of Helga and Harold Wynne. Harold is in uniform. Handwritten on the image is 'Helga Harold 20/3/48' On the reverse 'To Mother With love Helga Harold' and in another hand: 'das ist in Deutschland pfotogarfiert in März…

Four adults and a child, all Helga's family. It is captioned 'Peter, 10 monts[sic] old Dad. Grandma. Greet [sic]Grandma " Grandad 1950'.

Peter is being held by Great Grandma.

Ten members of the bridal party at Harold and Helga Wynne's wedding. On the reverse handwritten: '25 September 1948' and printed:
Photograph by Francis E. Bowen Scunthorpe. Lincs. 61128'.

A family group with twelve members and a rabbit. One man is in uniform. One boy has his arm in a sling.

Four girls standing in two rows. Behind is the door of a building. On the front is written '1931'. On the reverse
'Herta Ilse Gisela
+ Helga
Kiel am Lehmberg 1931'.

Five girls and two boys of varying ages. One of the girls is marked with a blue cross. Corner of a building in background.

11 family members standing outside a detached house. Handwritten on the image is 'Kiel My home in Germany' it is printed on a postcard.
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