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Stan Jeffrey was a flight mechanic at RAF Pocklington. He discusses the camaraderie between the ground and air crews. He would stick chewing gum to the undercarriage as a good luck charm. Shortly after the end of the war, the ground crew were taken…

Pass book valid 1945-1946 with entries for October 1945 to February 1946. Includes F295B with leave address details and accounts tear off slip.

National Sevice grade card. Gives address and grade 1 (one). on the reverse gives age and height.

Show service from 12 March 1941 until release 10 May 1946. Reports that he was a skilled engine mechanic.

Two versions of the same photograph. Two men in uniform sitting on a bomb trolley behind the port wing of a Halifax. On the reverse of the first photograph 'L - R Stan Jeffrey - Eric Pinnock, bombing up for night op 1942'.

A group of four men standing in line under the nose of a four engine bomber. Another two men stand further back to the right.


Two versions of the same photograph. Two men wearing battledress stand each holding one of the guns of the rear turret of a bomber. On the reverse of the first photo 'L - R Stan Jeffrey - Cpl?'.

Three aircrew sitting on the nose of a Halifax in front of the cockpit. The man on the left has o a May West and the man in the middle wears battledress. Underneath on the fuselage nose art of a the figure of a naked lady. In the background trees.

Two men wearing battledress stand each holding one of the guns of the rear turret of a bomber.

Nose of a Halifax with figure of a lady 'Eve' below and behind four rows of bomb symbols.

Front quarter view of a Halifax with engines running. A man is pulling away the chock from the starboard main undercarriage. On the reverse 'Pocklington 1943. DY-E, Stan Jeffrey removing chocks pre take-off'

Five men standing in a row, four airmen with a pilot with peaked cap standing in the centre. In front, two further airmen squatting down. All are wearing battledress. Aircraft letter 'E' right, on part of rear fuselage of a bomber

Seven airmen standing in line. All wear battledress except third from left who wears tunic. Left hand man has sergeant stripes. In the background the starboard man undercarriage and part of starboard inner engine of a bomber.

Two versions of the same photograph. Eleven personnel, a mix of air and ground crew sitting on top of a Halifax. One in front of cockpit and one standing in cockpit with peaked hat. Others strung along the top of aircraft and inner port wing. On the…

Seven aircrew stand inline wearing a variety of flying kit or battledress. In the background the nose and port inner engine if a Halifax. The naked lady nose art has been erased but 'Eve' remains. Four rows of bomb symbols on lower nose and letter…

Seven aircrew wearing a variety of flying kit, including three with parachutes, stand in a row. Squatting in front are four airmen. On the reverse 'Pocklington 1943 DY-E (Easy), L-R, Back row: Canadian air gunner (midupper), Front row: X, Sgt…

Back row, five men stranding two groundcrew wearing battledress at either end an three aircrew wearing parachutes in between. In front three aircrew wearing parachutes squat between two other airmen wearing battledress. In the background part of a…

Twenty-five airmen in a mixture of uniform in four rows, front sitting, next squatting and the other two standing. In the background the port inner and outer engines of a four engine bomber. On the reverse 'Pocklington 1943, Groundcrew A Flight'.

Fifty-six personnel in four rows in front of a four engine bomber. All personnel are wearing tunic and side caps apart from two officers in the back row. Officer in the centre of rear row has pilot's brevet and man on his right a half brevet.

Handwritten notes include: boost controls, various valves, rev counter, engine installation, heaters, fire extinguishers, oil filter maintenance and aerodrome ground signals.

Handwritten notes include: care and custody of tools, use of tools, identification of nuts and bolts, elementary engines, care and maintenance of engines, Kestrel engine description and assembly, Pegasus engine description and assembly, airscrews,…

At top holly and Royal Air Force eagle badge and photograph of an officer wearing peaked cap and pilot's brevet. From the commanding officer and senior NCOs wishing all a Happy X-mas. Followed by menu. Christmas 1941. On the reverse some signatures.

Approximately 400 personnel sitting and standing in four rows in front of a hangar. All are wearing tunics and side or peaked caps. Captioned '102 Squadron Ground Staff 1941'.
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