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The menu for dinner at Aden in 1933. On the reverse are some signatures.

A booklet with records of blood donations and dietary advice when giving blood.


Flying log book for Oliver Bell covering the period from 18th January 1935 to 30th September 1938. He was at RAF Cranwell and then posted to Aden and the Middle East with 12(B) and 8(B) Squadrons. Aircraft flown were Hart, Vincent and Wellesley.

Two newspaper cuttings with an explanation of the RAF's activities in Aden.

A certificate releasing Oliver from service.


A programme for the opera, Rigoletto with details on the production in English and Italian.

A programme for the two operas.

An opera programme with details of the production in English and Italian. There is a second copy which is identical and not linked.

Group photograph of 133 men and women in front of a Lancaster, some on the wings and the fuselage, some arranged in three rows on the ground. A civilian building is visible in the background.

On the reverse 'Blyton - Bomber Command - 1944'

A list of the entry for E & W School No 21 at Halton. There are a total of 81 names and service numbers with their fate. Many died in service but others survived the war.
On the third page is a hand written comment.

Oliver and his bride leaving the church, both in uniform. On the reverse '1942'.

An air-to-air image of the port side of a Vincent, K4132. On the reverse is a comment that Oliver is in the rear seat.

The head of Oliver sticking above the fuselage. On the reverse is a comment that he was in the rear cockpit on a flight to Aden.

A Vincent viewed from the front. Seven ground crew are refuelling it from 5 gallon petrol cans. On the reverse is handwritten 'Same again only more so'.

Two copies of a six a side football team. On the reverse 'Six-a-side football team at Christmas'.


A view of a ruined Turkish fort at Khormakser, Aden. On the reverse 'Turkish Fort at Kormakser'.

A tall termite hill with Oliver in pith helmet and shorts. On the reverse 'The great Bell Sahib in Somaliland in front of an ant hill'.

A man on a donkey watched by a small boy. The man has a hat and a hockey stick. The reverse has 'Polo on Christmas Day'. The reverse of a second copy has 'Oliver Bell in Aden around 1938'.


Oliver standing with a local man. Oliver is wearing a pith helmet and shorts. They are standing at the top of a flight of stairs with a metal railing. On the reverse of a second copy is 'Oliver Bell'.

Eight men including Oliver, fuelling a Vickers Vincent. On the reverse 'Filling up at Kormakser with yours truly looking handsome on the lower wing.'

A view of Steamer Point taken from an elevated location. Numerous huts and buildings are visible. A section of the coast has been fenced off and marked in pen with a small arrow. On the reverse 'General view of Aden shore at Steamer Point. Note…

Three airmen standing in uniform with their arms behind their backs. Behind is a hotel. Corporal Oliver Bell is on the right.

A group of 16 airmen arranged in three rows in front of an aircraft. Oliver Bell is in the middle with a sign with 'Blyton 1945' and a fist with electrical sparks. There is indecipherable writing under this.

Two photographs of a large group from a squadron arranged in six rows in front of a Vickers Vincent. The first image is cropped.
The second image is the full squadron with five individuals marked, 'No 8 Squadron, Aden, 1936/37 "Vickers Vincent".…

A large number of men arranged in five rows in front of an aircraft. The image is annotated 'No 12 (B) Squaron[sic], Robat, Aden, South Arabia. 1935-1936 Aircraft - Hawker Hart'. CO S/Ldr Guest and OB [Oliver Bell] are arrowed.
In a second copy 'JT'…
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