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Roy Chadwick stands in front of a Lancaster talking to H M The Queen. To the left a group of dignatories including the King in uniform, look on. In the background left a hangar, to the right spectators and another hangar. On the reverse 'Their…

Roy Chadwick stands in front of a Lancaster talking to H M The Queen. To the left King George VI and a group of dignatories look on. In the background left a hangar, to the right spectators and another hangar. On the reverse 'Woodford aerodrome Nov…

Head and shoulders portrait of Roy Chadwick wearing suit and tie. On the reverse 'Probably THE most lovely photo. Original Roy Chadwick about 1939 aged 46 years'.

Twenty-one men with nine in front standing in doorway. All wearing suit and tie and forth from left in front row is holding a hat. On the reverse 'At Avro's Chadderton. Roy Chadwick and his design team January 1944. A vital only photo. Harold Rogeson…

Four men on steps, two wearing white flying suits and two in coats one with hat. A further man wearing white flying suit stands at the bottom of the steps. Steps with Avro logo stand against the rear cabin door of an Avro Tudor. On the reverse 'Avro…

Eight men sitting and two standing gathered round a table covered in documents. All wear suit and tie and are looking at the model of an Avro York. Roy Chadwick is standing sixth from right pointing to the model. On the reverse 'Roy Chadwick in his…

Air-to-air view of three Lancasters in vic formation flying left with clouds below. Squadron letters KM. On the reverse '3 Avro Lancasters'.

Front quarter view of a Lancaster airborne just above the ground with undercarriage down. Below a runway and in the background hangars. On the reverse 'Avro Lancaster 1941. A lovely photo taken at Avro's aerodrome by the assembly works (not in…


Two pilots wearing flying helmets are at the front of cockpit looking back at a man on the left with earphones and Roy Chadwick on the right wearing a coat. On the reverse 'Please keep very safely. Roy Chadwick in cockpit of 1st Nene Lancastrian our…

Side view of a four engine bomber parked on concrete pan. In the background part of another aircraft and two hangars. Captioned 'Lincoln Mk 1, Merlin, January 1945'. On the reverse 'At RAE Farnborough, Avro Lincoln'.

Side view of a four engine airliner registration G-AGSU parked on grass, Two men in white overalls stand under the port outer engine. Signed 'With my love Daddy, [signature] Roy Chadwick'. Captioned '(Roy Chadwick copy: by courtesy Margaret Dove the…

Air-to-air-view of a white Vulcan flying to left. Carrying underslung Blue Steel missile. Aircraft registration XA903. Clouds below. On the reverse 'The Avro Vulcan'.

Many Lancasters lined up on peritrack. Taken from cockpit of lead aircraft looking back. To the left airfield boundary and fields beyond. To the right the aerodrome. On the reverse 'Lancasters of 463 RAAF Squadron in line, on the perimeter track…

Air-to-air view front rear quarter below of a white Avro Vulcan flying to the right. Below are clouds. On the reverse 'The Avro Vulcan given to Margaret by Paul Cullerue'.

Half length portrait of two men. Roy Chadwick on the left wearing suit and tie is talking to Guy Gibson on the right wearing RAF uniform tunic. On the reverse 'Chadwick, Guy Gibson, 60 between arrows to top and bottom'.

Half length portrait of Roy Chadwick on the left wearing suit and tie talking to Guy Gibson on the right wearing RAF uniform tunic. On the reverse 'A most famous photo. The original photo. Roy Chadwick CBE and Guy Gibson VC outside Buckingham Palace…

Six men and three women standing in line. All men wear suit and tie and the man third from right has a mayoral chain. The women wear coats and hats. Roy Chadwick is in the middle of group. In the background the starboard inner engine and part of the…

Rear quarter view taken over the top of engine of another aircraft of a silver Lancaster parked on dispersal with trees in the background. Captioned 'Photo by courtesy of P Day. Lancasters for Peace. Painted silver and without armament these aircraft…


Rear quarter view of a four engine bomber on parked on a pan. In the background left two other four engine bombers and right a hangar. Captioned 'Lincoln Mk1, Merlin, January 1945'. On the reverse 'The Lincoln at Farnborough'.

Front quarter view from above of an Avro Lincoln on taxiway. In the background a dispersal pan and runway caravan. On the reverse 'Lincoln at Tengah of No 1 Bomber Squadron Singapore, by courtesy of D G Howell, signed D G Howell 5 MU'.

Two men wearing coats and hats stand by a step ladder at rear cabin door of an aircraft. Another man is leaning inside the door. In the background part of an engine and hangar door. On the reverse 'Roy and Bill Thorn Avro's test pilot about 1946 at…

Sixteen men, two sitting others standing all wearing suits and ties gathered round a table while Roy Chadwick (third from left) points to model of Avro Tutor on stand on the table. In the foreground another model of a Tutor. On the reverse 'Roy…

Middle left to entre three interconnected buildings with picket fence in front. To the right are other buildings. In the foreground a roadway. Captioned 'The clubhouse of the Lancaster Aero Club Woodford Cheshire, close to aerodrome and hangars of A…

Three quarter length portrait of four men wearing suits and academic robes standing behind a table covered with documents. Roy Chadwick second from right wearing CBE. On the reverse 'November 30 1946, L-R Chancellor of Manchester University Sir John…
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