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Five civilians standing under a Lancaster wing. It is captioned 'Dad with crew from war (Scampton) A.G. Edgar DFC (Centre)'. A Grand Slam and a Tallboy bomb can be seen in the background.

An airman leaning on the front of a truck. He is in khaki and shorts. On the reverse 'FH Kirby N Africa 1944'.

Head and shoulders image of Alan Edgar with a 'D' above his head. On the reverse 'AG Edgar'.

18 airmen arranged in three rows. The image is annotated with each pilot's surname and at the foot 'No 68 Course Pilots'.

An informal group of 12 airmen sitting on steps. Two are holding very large saws.

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A formal group of 39 air cadets arranged in five rows at the nose of a twin engined aircraft.

55 airmen arranged in a formal group of five rows. The front and back are signed by those present.

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Formal group photo of an RAF football team in kit plus an airman in uniform.

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A group of eleven footballers in kit plus three officers and three civilians. At the front are three cups.

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Large group of airmen arranged in six rows in front of a hangar. At the front there is a large squadron crest. On the reverse are the signatures of 17 of those present.

66 airmen arranged in five rows in front of a brick building. The airmen have trainee flashes on their sidecaps.

Full length portrait of an airman. On the reverse is 'Dudley Snooke Age 20. Killed on Active Service Sept 28th.'

42 airmen arranged at the front of a Canberra outside a hangar. In a second photograph the group has moved to the side slightly to give a port side view of the Canberra with the 42 airmen arranged in front.

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An Avro Lincoln RA682 that has swung on landing and the undercarriage collapsed. The propellers are all showing damage. It is annotated 'SCM 2780/G Crashed Aircraft 24.4.51'.

16 airmen arranged in front of a Vulcan

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An air-to-air view of six Lincolns flying toward sthe camera.


Four images of 18 Canberras taken from underneath.
The second image has a Crown Copyright stamp and 'North Weald 15 Sept 54'.
The third and fourth have Nelson's column with the Canberras above.

27 Canberras flying overhead, taken from underneath.

Air-to-air view of three Canberras in formation over clouds. WT335, WT331 and WT332.

An air-to-air view of Canberra, WT 362 flying upside down over clouds.

Alan Edgar and four of his wartime crew. They are standing under the Lancaster at RAF Scampton. A Grand Slam bomb can be seen in the background. On the reverse the five crew members are identified with their crew role.

Two former crew members inside a Lancaster. On the back
'Bob Brooks (Australia) Navigator
Alan Edgar DFC Pilot'

Oblique areal photograph of large industrial complex to the south of Lincoln cathedral.

An aerial oblique view of Lincoln Cathedral and the city.

An unidentified half length portrait of a flight engineer.
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