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Writing on Christmas day about her thoughts. Mentions their activities during the day. Comments on the weather and cards/gifts received. Catches up on family/friends news. Writes about bulbs coming up soon. Mentions letter received by father…

Colin Deverell was born in Croydon. Upon leaving school, he worked for Oliver Typewriter Company, where he gained engineering skills to become an amateur rigger for Imperial Airways, before finding employment with Rollaston Aircraft Services in 1939.…

Seven airmen seated round a table. They are about to have Christmas dinner. The table is set with cutlery, glasses of beer, presents and a cake.

A group of ten men wearing pantomime costumes. Three are dressed as women. Three men are seated and the remainder are standing.

Six officers and a non-commissioned officer seated at table having their Christmas dinner. On the table plates, cups, glasses and bottles of wine.

Group of men seated at U shaped table, all turned to face the camera. Two men standing at back. Glasses, mugs and plates on the tables.

Group of men sitting at tables arranged in a U-shape inside a hut. Crockery and wine bottles are on the tables and a dart board is on the wall.
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