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Falls in the distance and a river stream in the bottom right disappears over a fall. In the foreground trees.

In the foreground, the Zambezi river runs in a narrow gorge with steep cliffs either side. In the background the Victoria Falls waterfall. Scene is framed by trees.

Zambezi River flowing through a narrow gorge with cliff either side.

A large waterfall falls into a gorge.

A postcard sent by John to his parents showing three views of the falls and one view of the fall's bridge. Describing his arrival at the Falls Hotel and wishing his family a merry Christmas.

The falls partially obscured by spray.

Two oxen harnessed together are pulling on a pole for a rotary machine - possibly a well. An African man stands by a barrel on the left. In the background a hut and hills. On the reverse 'Untali, 1941'.


Scenic shot of mountains in the distance. A low hill in the foreground left with valley beyond. In the foreground sparse bush-land. Second photograph same as the first, on the reverse 'Umtali, Rhodesia, 1943, Christmas pass'.

Two shirtless men wearing shorts standing in long grass holding an object between them. The man on the left is wearing a topee. In the background bush and trees. On the reverse 'Pedro Walker and Lo[...] Sellers, Mt Hampden, Rhodesia, 1941'.

Ben Openshaw (left) and an airmen by a cliff. The man in front is sitting wearing shorts, short sleeved shirt and side cap. In the background a huge waterfall.


John, standing at the centre of a group of seven men in swimming trunks and towel turbans. On reverse 'At the swimming pool. You can see Pat, Jim and myself 1st 2nd 3rd from the right'.

Transcript of F Dunn's memoir describing life before and after joining the RAF. Includes induction and starting off in the RAF in England and then sea voyage to South Africa and then initial training in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe.

Thirty three bareheaded men in uniform arranged in three rows; one row sitting with two rows standing behind. Four of the men are wearing armbands on their left sleeves. John is in the front row, fifth from the left. On reserve 'S. Rhodesia 12-1-43…

Five uniformed men sitting on a rock in open scrubland. John is in the centre with an open jacket. On the reverse 'The five of us at Hillside dams'.

Four men wearing towels as turbans with one shrouded in a sheet. Two are holding knives pointed at one man kneeling in front. The groups is outside a single storey corrugated roofed building with canvas openings.

Cornell on ground in front of hangar, Tony O'Brien sitting on left hand trailing edge, captioned 'Tony O'Brien and Cornell aircraft Guinea fowl'.

John sitting outside a grass walled building. One is annotated 'To mother and father with fondest love John'.


In the foreground a Tiger Moth with pilots in both cockpits and an airman standing behind the wing. In the background two more Tiger Moths. On the reverse 'Tiger Moths on the strip RAF Mount Hampden, Salisbury, Southern Rhodesia, 1941'.

Two Tiger Moths upside down on a grass airfield after a collision. The right hand Tiger Moth's nose is under the rear fuselage of the one on the left. Several men are standing by or climbing on the aircraft. On the reverse 'Typical prang, RAF Mount…

Close up of the rear cockpit of a Tiger Moth with another Tiger Moths nose and propeller buried in the rear cockpit of the first. Both aircraft are inverted. On the reverse 'Bloke in the back bought it, RAF Mount Hampden, 1941, S. Rhodesia'.

A Tiger Moth with wings dismantled loaded onto a lorry. There is an airman in topee on top of the aircraft. In the foreground a group of African on lookers, On the reverse 'Bush prang loaded on to a 3 toner and ready to return to camp, RAF Mount…

Three completed RAF Forms 96.
The first to Induna from Thornhill advises that Moth D623 arrived.
The second to Thornhill and Cranborne from Induna advises that three Wellingtons left for Cranborne then Thornhill.
The third to Thornhill and…

John, sat right with Harry, holding a pipe and between them a woman wearing sunglasses. There are two topees on the table in front of them.


John, standing between Harry, left with a pipe and Pat on the right. They are standing below a sign for the Victoria Falls showing them to be 2,994 feet above sea level.


A man suspended off the ground by the shoulders of two others. All three are wearing desert uniform and holding pith helmets. Two of the men are holding cigarettes and they are arranged in front of a single storey, grass roofed building.


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