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23 airmen wearing shorts some with topees. Two rows kneeling and the rest standing. In the background a corrugated iron hut with a window. On the reverse 'Advanced party, 1-4-41, the original 28 E.F.T.S, Mount Hampden, Salisbury, S. Rhodesia'. Second…

43 airmen arranged in three rows in front of a corrugated iron shed. It is captioned 'Moffat 24 CAOS 3/4/42 -22/6/42'. The men are wearing hot weather khaki and shorts.

Formal photograph of the 65 members of course arranged in five rows in front of hangar doors, captioned, 22 S.F.T.S. at Thornhill, Gwelo 51A course'. Annotated 'The 'Boys' of 51A Course'. The surnames are written on the individual photographs.

A group of four women and two men in a boat covered with a canopied roof. The boat is moored by rope on a river and there is a klaxon attached to one of the boat's uprights in the bow.

A group of fourteen men in desert uniform holding enamel cups. On the reverse 'Chaps getting tea round the camp fire on the evening before the great "Bundu bash" '.

Four bareheaded, uniformed men changing the wheel of a car with the top up, having removed their jackets. The registration of the car begins B 57 and there is a wheel separate to the car. John is crouching at the back of the group. On the reverse…


Two women and two men on a boat. The man on the left is Harry, who is holding a pipe. There are two topees on the table in the centre of the boat. Both women are wearing sunglasses and one, wearing a headscarf, is holding a box camera,


A large group of airmen sitting and standing in four rows, All are wearing tunic and side caps, most with training flash. Man sitting in front centre is holding a 'F'. On the left side of second row, a civilian wearing shorts is standing. To the left…


A large group of men sitting and standing on the deck of a ship with a large funnel in the background. On the reverse 'P/O Baker, T England, August 1940, No 2 draught ex-Rhodesia'.

A row of five single storey, pitched grass roofed huts arranged along a tree lined roadway. The entrances have screens and lights above with utility wires passing above. On the reverse 'This snap shot shows an avenue of huts similar to the one I am…

Top left - front quarter view of a de Havilland Dove surrounded by personnel. In front a truck with men in the rear. Captioned 'Refuelling at Luluaburg Belgium Congo'.
Top right - view of clouded sky from the air. Captioned 'Looking out of…


A number of African youths in shorts standing by baskets and other sale goods. One is lying down. In the background buildings. On the reverse 'Salisbury S. Rhodesia'.

Jim Allen's experiences after the end of the war. He married in 1944 and had three children. His first job was as a bus conductor, then an insurance agent but he was unhappy so rejoined the RAF. He trained as a Fighter Controller and was posted to…

Four uniformed men sat around a round table having tea. John is sat on the far left. On the reverse 'Tea at Matopos after mending puncture. Part of the lake can be seen in the background'.


An man covered with a blanket is asleep in the middle bed of three in a bed in a barrack room. There are lockers by each bed and shelves on the wall either side of windows. On the reverse 'Ped in bed, 1941 RAF Mount Hampden'.

An airman in shorts asleep on a bed in front of a window. To the right a locker and to the left shelve with photographs. On the reverse 'Taff Griffiths in the land of nod, Mt Hampden 1941'.

Notes kept by JH Bird during his training.

Air-to-air view of Airspeed AS 10 Oxford Mk.1 over a flat rural landscape with fields and woodland.


Four men, each holding single oars, sat in an open boat, two at the bow and two at the stern. There are four empty cushioned seats in the centre of the boat.

Air-to-air view of five aircraft in loose formation, wing of a sixth visible, flying over land with a river running left to right. On the reverse 'Forming up after take off', '1949 Thornhill'.


First aerial view of dam and lake, captioned 'Umshumdige Dam near Fort Victoria', Second aerial view of landing ground captioned '20 E.F.T.S. R.A.T.G. Guinea Fowl'.
Third family of four in front of their hut, captioned 'Askari guard and his family…

Eight men wearing swimming trunks with trees beyond. John is second right at the back. On the reverse 'At the swimming pool the whole of the gang is here. Can you spot 'ern' '.

Single storey grass roofed huts with a serviceman standing outside number 22. The huts are arranged along a roadway with trees. The reverse is annotated 'This shows part of an avenue of huts. Unfortunately I took it the wrong way round'.

Record of training navigation star and sun sights from ground and air between April 1943 and February 1944. Locations April to July 1943 at 24 bombing gunnery and navigation school at Moffat Southern Rhodesia on Anson aircraft. December 1943 at No 23…

A baboon sitting under a tree in scrubland.


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