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#1 is Ben Lomond seen from the west bank.
#2 is Dad and Margaret with [indecipherable] March 1947.
#3 is a view looking north up Loch Lomond.
#4 is Dad and Margaret play sword fighting at the side of Loch Lomond.

Top left - view across lake with mountains in the distance. captioned 'Loch Lomond from an island, 18.4.45'.
Top right - view through trees of a lake with islands and mountains in the distance. Captioned 'From same island - sand spit left is visible…

Writes a little of recent activities and discusses state of parcels on arrival. Writes about fatalism of aircrew and then goes on to describe recent leave in Sussex and Edinburgh and other parts of Scotland then finishing in Sheffield.

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Sylvia was born in Mansfield where her father was a miner and her mother had worked at Lawns Mills. She had two brothers and a sister. Sylvia was 15 when she left school to work at the hosiery mills and recalls the German manager being deported. She…

Eric Haynes and his friends volunteered for the RAF together days after the declaration of war. He wanted to enlist as a photographer but was encouraged instead towards the role of RAF police. Later he saw a notice inviting recruits to remuster to…

Three photographs, one group of eight airmen, some aircrew in uniform in front of left hand main wheel of large aircraft.
Second, of a sergeant in an overcoat with garden background, captioned 'In pensive mood at Lochlomand [sic] 'Bill…
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