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An airman in a rear turret of an aircraft fuselage supported on blocks of wood. From information kindly provided by the donor. 'Johnny Johnson in Lanc at Roses'. Photograph is captioned 'Johnny Johnson DFC Ex/Flt 617 Squadron RAF.

A workshop assembly line with a desk in the centre and rows of turrets down either side of the building. From information kindly provided by the donor. 'Rose turret assembly 014'.

Two figures wearing oxygen masks look out through the opening of a rear gun turret. From information kindly provided by the donor. 'Rose turret 343'. Same photograph but image has been reversed recorded as turret 46.

Two factory workers either side of a Rose turret. From information kindly provided by the donor. 'S Rose Lancaster turret 345. The individual on the left of the turret has been identified as Ronald H Scott (1916-2003)'.


Expresses their sadness at her news and hoping that she will receive better news in the near future

Sorry to hear the news about Robert.

The author writes her thanks for a letter. She also mentions her delight that Bob is alive.

Says she is glad that Robert is safe and thanks her for the photograph.

Thanks her for sending Robert's letters for her to read and that she has passed them on for others to see.

Royal Air Force Navigator’s, Air Bomber’s and Air Gunner’s Flying Log Book [cover not shown].
M Moffat’s Air Gunner’s Flying Log Book covering the period 16 June 1943 to 30 March 1944. Hand written note –missing’. Detailing his…

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Writes of flying including cross country and over Doncaster and Gainsborough as well as scaring farmers ploughing with horses.

Philip Freeman was a young child in Gainsborough during the Second World War. His brother Desmond left Gainsborough to work for Lord Londonderry in London. From there he volunteered for the RAF and trained as a pilot. He was a fighter pilot but was…
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