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  • Spatial Coverage is exactly "Congo (Democratic Republic)"

Top left - front quarter view of a de Havilland Dove surrounded by personnel. In front a truck with men in the rear. Captioned 'Refuelling at Luluaburg Belgium Congo'.
Top right - view of clouded sky from the air. Captioned 'Looking out of…


Top left - crowd of people in front of a de Havilland Dove parked. Captioned 'Arrival at Leopoldville'.
Top right - view over swimming pool with building behind. Captioned 'Swimming pool Leo'.
Centre = view of front of two story building with…

Top left - rear quarter view of a Dove on airstrip with three figures in foreground. Captioned 'Refuelling at Libreville, French Cameroon'.
Top right - four men standing by the tail of a Dove. Captioned 'at Leopoldville'.
Bottom left - five men…


Top left - view of buildings with rivers in the background. Captioned 'Leopoldville, capital of Belgium Congo'.
Top middle - distant view up a road of memorial with two columns. Cyclist in foreground. Captioned 'King Albert memorial at…

Top left- river with fall in centre. Captioned 'Stanley Falls at Stanleyville, Belgium Congo'.
Top middle - waterfall with man and woman standing on rock outcrop on right, other figures behind. Captioned 'Tshapo Falls on Congo river'.
Top right -…


These pages are mostly biography of Sam's time in Egypt and his time with transport aircraft in the Mediterranean region.
Photos 1, 2 and 3 are scenes from Cairo.
Photo 4 is a side head and shoulders profile of Sam.
Photo 5 is a Battle aircraft in…

Philip Batty grew up in Walsall. He discusses the death of his older brother Dennis, a wireless operator with 226 Squadron, early in the Second World War. Philip volunteered for aircrew. After training, he was posted to 50 Squadron at RAF Sturgate as…
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