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Blue rear cover - both sides

Top left - program for ceremony to unveil and dedicate the memorial to the Croft squadrons 26 September 1987.
Bottom left - photograph of five men wearing blazers, shirt and tie standing by a white memorial stone.
Bottom right - front cover of…

Top left - memorial stone on village green with wreaths laid at bottom.
Top middle - RAF colour parties in uniform gathered round a memorial stone on village green with spectators front and in the background.
Top left - note 'Dedication of a…

Explaining that it was not possible to provide replacement of warrants or commendation certificates.

Top - photograph of Warrant Officer Ned Sparkes receiving clasp from a group captain inside a room with photograph of a Vulcan on wall behind. Captioned 'Receiving the clasp to my long service medal by C.O. of RAF Scampton March 1979'.
Bottom -…

On the occasion of HM presenting a new colour to the Royal Air Force and providing some complimentary remarks.

Left - colour photograph of five airmen wearing tunics and peaked caps. Airman in centre holds standard. Caption 'Colour Party No 617 Squadron Standard, Silver Jubilee review Finningley 1977'.
Right - printed program cover for presentation of…

Squadron photograph of a large group of airman in khaki uniform sitting and standing in two rows on an airfield with a Vulcan parked in the background. Captioned 'No 617 Squadron detachment Luqa Malta 1977'.

Top - title 'No 617 Squadron'
Underneath - short text giving information about 617 Squadron
Centre - photograph of a large group of airmen wearing tunics and peaked caps sitting and standing in three rows in front of a Vulcan. Captioned 'The Dam…

Train ticket on Berlin military train from Berlin to Hanover for two soldiers.

Report by Ned Sparkes on the wreckage of a Lancaster which had been packed in crates which was inspected at RAF Gatow, Berlin on 26 August 1976. Lists identifiable parts of aircraft and crew equipment. Aircraft was Lancaster "JB640" ot 156 Squadron,…

Top - photograph looking up at two men in uniform shirt sleeves in the front and rear cockpit of an F4 Phantom. Captioned '17 Squadron on detachment Dechimanus [sic] Sardinia, self, sqdn clerk "Shiney" Pearson'.
Bottom left - a warrant officer…

A group of mem in fancy dress on a stairway with splashed water in front. On the reverse 'Officers mess team being murdered'.

Ground to air colour photograph of four Vulcans in line astern over an airfield.

A group of airmen and civilians sitting and standing in three rows in front of the door to a building. Captioned 'ground instructors technique RASF Upwood for instructing at the college technology Cranwell'.

Joke certificate admitting arrant Officer Sparkes to the society.

Top left - full length image of a warrant officer wearing mess kit standing. Captioned 'New Years 1970-71'.
Top right - a warrant officer wearing mess kit standing next to a lady wearing dress. Captioned 'New Years with June'.
Centre - an airman…

Top left - flight line at Goose with aircraft parked. Captioned 'Victor, Vulcan, VC10 on the strip at Goose'.
Top centre - Vulcan just airborne.
Top right - a formation of four Vulcans in line astern. Captioned 'Vulcans returning from Chicago air…

Top left - colour photograph of a CH-113 Labrador helicopter landing in forest clearing. Captioned 'arriving at Crooks Lake for fishing trip.
Top centre - colour photograph of a group of men in fancy dress. Captioned 'tramps night'.
Top right -…

Formation of airmen marching past inside a hanger with reviewing party bottom left. Captioned 'A.V.M. Wade takes the salute Wing Co Redding leads the parade followed by F/O Pilgrim-Morris and yours truly. S/Ldr Tony Ingolby on right of the dais as…


Title 'RAF Goose Bay Labrador Canada, C.O. Wing Commander Ron Redding, the only unit to wear K.D. and artic clothing'.
Top - squadron photograph of airmen wearing tropical uniform sitting and standing in three rows in front of a Vulcan,
Bottom -…

Left - newspaper cutting headline - a Lancaster again thunders over Lincs. Article by Ken Lee, war artist, who had been commissioned to paint a picture of the only remaining Waddington Lancaster. Tells of his trip in the Lancaster.
Top right -…

Top left - newspaper cutting with photograph of a Lancaster, Hurricane and Spitfire flying over the RAF College Cranwell. Text explains where aircraft based. Top centre - newspaper cutting with photograph of a parked Lancaster with a Vulcan flying…

Top - Lancaster taxying in front of a hangar. Captioned 'Taxying out from Waddington to formate with Spitfires from Coltishall for 25th D Day anniversary at Ouistreham, June 1969'.
Bottom - front quarter view of parked Lancaster. Captioned 'waiting…

Air-to air view looking down at front quarter of an airborne Lancaster flying at low level over fields with undercarriage down. Accompanying note 'Lancaster PA474 Waddington 1968. On route to Abingdon for Queens Review of the RAF 60th anniversary.…
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