Lancaster newspaper cuttings



Lancaster newspaper cuttings


Top left - newspaper cutting with photograph of a Lancaster, Hurricane and Spitfire flying over the RAF College Cranwell. Text explains where aircraft based.
Top centre - newspaper cutting with photograph of a parked Lancaster with a Vulcan flying over.
Top right news paper cutting with photograph of two Vulcans in line astern. Text explains day was a nostalgic gathering with notable attendees after the recent merger of Bomber and Fighter Command into Strike Command.
Bottom left - newspaper cutting headline Lancaster flew over Jet age motorist. Photograph from below of an airborne Lancaster and a Spitfire. Text explains they were seen by motorist in Lincoln.
Bottom right newspaper cutting - photograph of a Lancaster airborne flying over a parade formation of airmen. Text explain it was the sole remaining flying Lancaster over a passing out parade at RAF Swinderby.



Five newspaper cuttings mounted on an album page

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