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A thought for the Quiet Hour by Patience Strong, Hymn for the RAF postcard. He asks after Alan.

[pages 1 and 2 are missing]
Alan writes that he has been in London. He travelled back by train and ferry. Then via Brussels and then train the next day into Germany where a lot of the towns had been bombed.
[more pages missing]

Alan writes about his aeronautical adventures. They were sent to deliver equipment in the Ardennes but when they got there the airstrip was deserted. There was no starter for their Mosquito and their battery was flat. They started to charge the…

Alan writes that he should be getting leave from 22nd December for 12 days. He has been flying patrols despite the weather.
[some pages are missing]

Alan thanks her for two letters. He is missing her. He describes flying through cloud canyons.
He describes trips to Bocholt, Germany and Orleans.

Alan describes his working day. He saw General de Gaulle in Brussels. He toured around Brussels then went to see a film.

Alan writes to his parents thanking them for their letter. The weather has been poor so not much flying. However there are lectures and training courses underway. He had a stay in Orleans which had been heavily bombed. He is uncertain what he will do…

Alan writes he is still but feeling better. He thanks his parents for sending newspapers and a letter.

Alan writes that it is snowing heavily. He has met friends from his time spent training in Canada.

Alan writes thanking his parents for sending newspapers. His squadron is about to move to Germany. They had a large farewell party.

Alan writes that the weather has been cold and miserable. They have moved into new accomodation in a former German mess. He asks for food and something to use in hot drinks.

Alan writes that he has arrived at Melabrook, Brussels. Food is excellent and the girls that do the cooking are pleasant.

Alan writes thanking his parents for a parcel and a letter. He particularly enjoyed the cake. He has been having trouble with his bike.

Alan writes thanking his parents for their letter. [page torn and section missing] The mess is good and he is being kept busy. He has been to plays and films.

Alan writes that on arrival at Huntingdon he got picked up in a car and was taken to his new station. A truck picked up his kit and bicycle. The food in the mess is good.

Alan writes thanking for a letter and newspapers. He went to Belfast on his day off, visiting the cathedral and the City Hall.
He has been doing a lot of flying.

Alan writes thanking his parents for a letter and parcel. He describes his daily routine. It appears very tiring but the food is good. He went to Durham one sunday.

Alan writes thanking his parents for their later and newspapers. They have been for a long march in the sun and are suffering.

Alan writes thanking his parents for their letters. He is finding the navigation course troubling. He is planning to visit the States and he has not heard from Barbara for a while.

Alan writes thanking his parents for letters and newspapers. His current course is astro-navigation.

Alan thanks his parents for their letters and newspapers. He visited Montreal and compares it with Paris.

Alan writes thanking his parents for their letters. He travelled to Calgary by train, then Banff and Lake Louise, then Vancouver. He spent a week in Vancouver looking at the tourist sites.

Alan thanks his parents for their letters and newspapers. He has visited Ottawa where he had a tour conducted by a Mountie of the parliament buildings. He has sent stamps for Mr Lee. He discusses his school education and Barbara.

Alan thanks his parents for their letters and newspapers. He is about to be transferred to Ontario.

Alan writes thanking his parents for their letters and papers. He asks for a copy of Leicester Illustrated Chronicle to be sent each week. He is about to get 14 days leave but is not sure where he will go because train fares are high. He writes about…
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