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View of a from the cockpit of an aircraft. On the left part of a man wearing shirt with sergeants rank and with his hand on coaming.

Head and shoulders view of a man with headphones at aircraft engineers panel. On the reverse 'Flt Lt J R Lee'.

Three men wearing civilian attire (two in plus fours) and two women wearing overcoats and hats standing in front of the port wing of a single engine biplane. On the reverse 'N Smith, C Smith, Narir B - Cyril Ball'.

Ralph at the controls of an aircraft. He is wearing tropical kit. On the reverse 'RRE Freeman'.

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Two photographs, first is of large liner at anchored, second is of three soldiers on building veranda.

Large liner in the middle of the harbour.

Bill Brooks standing at side of narrow road, small car parked behind him, overlooking a rocky bay.

An airman identified as Alan Edgar sitting in the cockpit of an aircraft. He is wearing a leather helmet and goggles. On the reverse is written 'Freddie Firth takes one of yours truly -wrapped up for nothing Feb 43'.
A second photograph is almost…

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A cockpit of a four engined aircraft.

The interior of an aircraft with a pressure cylinder and wiring.


Walter Smith in civilian clothes on a motorbike, registration GW5127. He is holding a cat. Behind is a garden and the side of a house.


An airman sitting on motorbike, registration BTD451. Behind is a concrete building. It is annotated 'Jerry (C.B.)'.

Ken Munro standing beside his car. He is holding on to the door handle, Behind are brick buildings. On the reverse are handwritten annotations [indecipherable].

On the right, three young men stand round a object on a tripod being instructed by a man in uniform with peaked cap. To the left a car with a young man sitting in rear seat being spoken to by a man in uniform and peaked hat standing on far side…

A car jacked up at the front undergoing maintenance. A mechanic is at work underneath car.

Sergeant Robert Wood seated on a motorcycle 'YS9384'

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