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11 airmen in uniform standing alongside a B-24. Four are wearing officer's caps and seven wear side caps. The plane has 47 tally markings on the fuselage together with a large upright A and diagonal lettering 'ADLIB'. Additional information about…

A warrant officer in uniform with brevet, standing next to a car, with registration VV7181. The car is in a field with trees in the background. On the reverse 'Mal Gold Bookie, BRO 1761'.


Full length image of a pilot in uniform, standing by a car, registration VV7181. In the background there are trees. On the reverse of one copy is written: 'DID 1448'

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A warrant officer wearing tunic with half brevet standing by a car registration 'VV7181'. In the background trees.


An airman wearing tunic with brevet standing by the open door of a car licence plate 'VV 7181'. In the background trees.


A wing and undercarriage section in a lake. On the reverse 'The oleo leg - of stainless steel was still as new [indecipherable]'


Top left: Bridge in a park.
Top right: Two men sat on steps with tropical plants, A F Nye (right).
Centre: Canon mounted on a gun carriage in front of tiled roofed cottages.
Bottom left: Open sided building on edge of pond.
Bottom centre: View of…

Top left: A F Nye astride a motorbike. On reverse, 'speed king MI*'.
Top right: Six men on a motorbike. On reverse, 'six men on a byke'.
Bottom left: Licensing star mounted on a building'. On reverse: 'What is it?'
Bottom right: Man standing…

Top left: group of six men, one with insignia drinking. On reverse. 'The boys and their booze'.
Centre: A F Nye in khaki. On the reverse, 'Overseas type'.
Bottom left: C-47s on airstrip. On reverse, 'Daks on the strip'.
Bottom right: Aircraft on…

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Top left: Commercial street scene with pedestrians.
Top right: Shopping street. A sign reads "K. Syed & Co"
Centre left: BRV theatre Bangalore. A sign reads 'Gala Dance'.
Centre right: Oriental building, Bangalore.
Bottom left: Passenger…

Traditional sailboat with two masts aground on a rock strewn beach.

A boat close to the shore on a sea with waves and white horses; a concrete wall along the shoreline.

An airman onboard his aircraft.

View of front of a lorry with driver with air out of window, Uniform has corporal rank. Two versions of the same image.

Two ships in port. Dockside with cranes and buildings.

Albert Frederick Nye bare chested on a stationary motorcycle in front of a corrugated iron built building. There is a brick tower with a water tank on top with a man, wearing a turban, leaning against the base.

Three servicemen, two in issue shorts and short sleeves and one in long trousers and sleeves, leaning on the bonnet of a vehicle. A fourth man is looking over their shoulders from across the bonnet.

Albert Frederick Nye bare chested on a stationary motorcycle in front of a corrugated iron built building. There is a brick tower with a water tank on top with a man, wearing a turban, leaning against the base. Annotated on the reverse ' A F Nye'.

Street scene with pedestrians, some wearing turbans, in front of two storey, partly whitewashed building, with arched openings. Parked car and two men with a bicycles.

Two photographs of Edward, Bertram's brother.
#1 he is beside a motorbike wearing a crash helmet
#2 is a half length portrait.

Seven photographs from an album.
#1 is a submarine.
#2 and 3 are airmen washing in the open.
#4 is a boy with a towel.
#5 is a bar made from the rear fuselage of a German aircraft. The sign says 'Line Shoot Bar'.
#6 is Ron in a pool.
#7 is an…

Two airmen, the driver wearing battledress with half brevet and the passenger wearing shirtsleeves astride a motorbike in a field with hedgerow in the background. Submitted with caption 'Matt and Dick'.

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Ron sitting on the pilot's seat and turned to smile at the camera.

View looking up into cockpit of a bomber with one airman in pilot's seat and one standing, both looking back.

A car that has had its body removed.
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