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Reports arrival of two cables and news that a parcel had arrived safely with him. Glad he wishes them to start pre-paid cables. Reports arrival of latest letters. Catches up on news and gossip and mentions flowers in garden. Mentions books she is…

Reports still no letters or replies to her latest cables. Writes of weather and some of their activities. Mentions visit to Cable and Wireless to discus pre-paid replies but does not think they need a monthly account. Encloses strip cartoon from…

Offering a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year from RAF Cosford.

Front cover of locally produced booklet, compiled by Squadron Leader H.A. Probert priced $1.50

This item is available only at the International Bomber Command Centre / University of Lincoln.

On the front a woman in pink dress with umbrella and bonnet. In the background a tree and a man on a horse. Inside, Christmas greetings and signed Mother and Dad with all our love.

A painted wooden plaque with the nose art from Homer Lawson's Halifax. It features a ram's head snorting smoke and a swastika breaking apart. On the head is a maple leaf (the pilot was Canadian) and 'Go'tdam' Underneath is 'The Ol'Ram'. There is a 10…

A cartoon from Dick Curnock's Wartime Log Book. A prisoner is in a bunk which has had the slats removed. The mattress and his body sinks down where the slats are missing. It is captioned 'Life seems full of Ups and Downs'.

Plan, side and front views of a model Wellington.

On the front a painting of an old person lying on mattress on the floor with an umbrella above. To the left a stove with window behind. Books piled in front of mattress. On the reverse addressed to mother Griffin thanking for birthday greetings.…

A wartime log kept by Jim Tyrie whilst being kept a prisoner of war. He was shot down on 10th April 1941 and imprisoned for 4 years, 1 month and 16 days. It contains cartoons, sketches and maps.
He lists the men who were shot after recapture during…

A wartime log kept by Jim Tyrie. He lists his crew on the night they were shot down over Berlin, the construction of tin trays, addresses of co-prisoners, cartoons, London restaurants, newspaper cuttings in German and English and finally more…

Four cartoons

Seven airmen arranged in two rows. Underneath is annotated their crew duty. Above is a 15 Squadron crest with 1945 written on.

Seven photographs from an album.
Photo 1 is an air-to-air side view of a Halifax in flight.
Photo 2 is a cloudscape.
Photo 3 and 4 are a Halifax port wing and cloudscape.
Photo 5 is a cloudscape.
Photo 6 is an airman standing under the nose of…

On the front a woodland scene with track and small bridge. On the reverse a short note written during shopping expedition with his wife and daughter,

A sketch of a river, boats and houses

A card with a sketch of a church.

Writes she is sorry that number of letters he can receive a month has been reduced to four and that she has tracked source of other correspondence. Mentions that she has got a job to help war effort and that her sister and neighbours would help to…

A cartoon of a Lancaster with only one engine running. A cartoon head is sticking out behind the cockpit saying 'This is no fun with one fan still running'. Two of the boffins [labelled] have parachuted out.

A cartoon featuring aircrew in their local pub. On a second sheet the names are handwritten and on a third sheet the names are overlaid on a copy of the cartoon.

RAF Station Dum Dum's menu front and back cover. On the front a RAF badge and an image of the Victoria Memorial in Calcutta, the rear has image of the star and the three kings. The menu inside is illustrated and also has added signatures.

Christmas dinner menu from Sergeants Mess at RAF Station Dum Dum.

Small colour image of 99 Squadron badge.

Keith Bruhn's membership card.
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