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Noted not to be produced in public; a list of phrases in German, Spanish, French and Dutch.


A programme for a boxing match with four fights.


A book about the brewery of Koekelberg, Brussels. Inside is a comment 'RAF is welcome in Koekelberg. But I mean no so [sic] in Berlin' and signed [indecipherable]. There is a second comment 'With thanks', again the signature is indecipherable.

Side view of a memorial stone at Bourguignon-sous-Coucy, near Blérancourt, with large area enclosed with stone edging to the right. In the background part of a church. On the reverse 'JUNE. 5TH. 1945, ICI, REPOSENT. 7. AVIATUIRS, DECEDES. LE. 16…

Seven airmen standing at the nose of a Halifax 'Citie de Quebec'.
On the reverse LW412 KE-Q Citie de Quebec'.

Two identity/travel documents in German and French made out for Paul Camus. Submitted with description 'German/French travel and identity documents for Paul Camus dated 12 Apr 1944. The significance of "Paul Camus" is unknown'.

Mentions photographs taken the day after the attack by bomber command on 8/9 February 1944 do not permit detailed assessment. Damage is seen to south west half of the works and more than half the main machine shops have been destroyed. States that…

War correspondent Paul Holt observes the Red Army for a fortnight along 3,000 Km of the Stalingrad front. He follows the armies of Colonel General Yeremenko. With little food and freezing temperatures, General Paulus’s only hope of supplies is…


A medal with Jack's name. It commemorates the 60th anniversary of the liberation of France.
A second image has a magazine cutting with a photograph of a memorial to a Lancaster lost in 1944.


French pass for Corporal James Henry Banks authorising route Essey Nancy in military vehicle. Signed with b/w photograph of corporal Banks in uniform in bottom right hand corner.

Certificate stating that John North has been accepted as a member in good stranding of the Air Force Association of Canada.

Key importance of Battle of the Atlantic outlined by Churchill, Rear Admiral Gadow and Lieutenant Commander Ambrosius in 1941.

Germany’s defence strategy and Britain’s counter-offensive delineated with plans, methods and progress. Despite…

Medal with blue ribbon with European star circle emblem. Front and back views.

A road runs from bottom to top with buildings with multiple archways either side. At the end of the road trees. There are vehicles parked on the right side and many people walking in the street.

In the foreground a wall military camp. In the background a forest and mountains

In the foreground two people, one carrying a bucket the other a sack. They are surrounded by tall palm trees. To the right a wall and in the background buildings. On the reverse addressed to Mr and Mrs H E Hudson and explaining an event related to…

An alleyway with wall on the left and single story building on the right. Palm trees behind wall and buildings. Several women are walking in the alley.

A road lined with palm trees runs from bottom to top. There are several people walking on the road and pavements.

In the foreground a town wall and gate with buildings behind on rising ground. In the background at top of hill a white mosque

On the right part of a low walled square surrounded on left and behind by two story buildings. A road runs up hill to the left of building behind square, Buildings on the left have multiple archways and a flag pole extending from upper floor.

In the foreground a square with many people in Arab dress. At the tear of the square a road leads into the distance with buildings on the right. There are several palm trees throughout the area.

A single story building set in a garden with shrubs and palm trees.

A wall runs from bottom left to top right with buildings and palm trees to the left and above. To the right centre a fortification.

A wall runs from bottom left to top right with buildings and palm trees to the left and above. To the right centre a fortification. On the reverse addressed to Mr and Mrs H E Hudson writing that he is delighted to have received cross parcel and about…

Walled town in a valley, In the background a forest and other buildings.
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