Examples of leaflets dropped over France



Examples of leaflets dropped over France


Similar to the leaflets dropped by John Allnutt and his crew during their training at 27 OTU.

Luftwaffe dropping fake leaflets
Goebbels-Henriot producing fake leaflets, such as counterfeit ‘Le Courrier de l’Air’ newspapers, dropped allegedly in their millions by the Luftwaffe. French alerted to the dangers of this misinformation, outlined in the article reproduced from the Daily Express (19th April 1944).

Copies are shown of both the authentic and fake editions of the 24th February 1944 ‘Le Courrier de l’Air’.

Le Courrier de l’Air, 4th May 1944

Page 1
83,400 tons of bombs dropped on Germany and occupied Europe in April, causing serious damage.

On 3rd May in the Commons, Anthony Eden confirmed that the French Committee for National Liberation would be the responsible body for administering any liberated France.

In his 1st May address, Marshal Stalin pays tribute to the United States and Britain for the success of the Soviet armies.

In House of Lords, Lord Selborne expresses displeasure that neutral Portugal is supplying tungsten to Germany.

Page 2
New group formed in London to discuss Anglo-French co-operation after liberation of France. Group includes Lord Cromer and Professor Edmond Vermeil of the Sorbonne.

House of Commons hears Anthony Eden describe agreement between Britain, United States and Spain over Spanish neutrality and actions which will take place as a result.

Satirical poem about Philippe Henriot by Pierre Dac.

May 1st celebrations in London, including the Fabian Society with representatives from 17 countries and those at Trafalgar Square, condemned fascism and Nazism. René Capitant, speaking on behalf of the French Committee for National Liberation, paid tribute to workers of the French empire.

Page 3
Germany deemed to have insufficient means of defending coastal waters of Western and Southern Europe.

French and Belgian railways will be attacked in coming weeks.

German General Kreipe, Commander of 22nd Panzer division, imprisoned in Crete by British.

Mediterranean Allied Forces conducting significant air operations in Italy on factories, communications, railways and ports.

Page 4
British Empire conference in London attended by Winston Churchill and prime ministers of the dominions. Importance of this group recognised by parliament and its potential on post-war international economic prosperity.

Major Lewis Hastings outlines vital importance of logistics for the army with the huge volume of equipment needing to be transported; something he claims is unacknowledged by General Kurt Dittmar and Joseph Goebbels.

Der Stein ist im Rollen
[set the ball rolling]
Calls on German workers and German’s 12 million foreign workers to bring about Hitler’s downfall, building on the momentum of the generals’ coup.

Tatsachen, die zu denken geben
[facts to make you think]
On 21st July 1944, Adolf Hitler refers to a small ‘clique’ of generals who tried to remove him, claiming it had nothing to do with the army or Wehrmacht. The article uses a number of statements to counter this assertion. One of these concerns Dr Robert Ley who is said to incite German workers against the officer corps on 22nd July 1944.




Seven printed leaflets


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