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He writes from prisoner of war camp. He has had influenza but is better. He has received his first parcel and is very pleased with it. One sentence has been censored. He expects Christmas to be a bit different.

He has not heard from them for a while but a parcel has arrived for him. He has not been busy. The food and accommodation are good.

He apologises again for not writing. He has been very busy. He is writing the letter in a field of poppies.

He has been busy. He likes the Canadians at his new station.

He thanks them for their letters and photos. He is looking forward to some leave. His crew has gone into York but he stayed in to write letters.

He is waiting for a letter from home. He has been to Northallerton but got lost coming back. He signed of his letter in the dark.

He has moved station. He has been busy on operations but force landed at North Weald. He has sent laundry and asks for a towel.

He asks if they can find the surname of Freddie who has written him two letters. Also he ask if they can get a pair of slippers repaired.

He has not had any mail for a week. The weather has been bad and he has not been flying. He asks for ping-pong balls.

He has not received a box from home. He has not been busy but has been clay pigeon shooting.

He has not been busy. They went to the YMCA at Holme on Spalding. He has been to see a film, Flying Fortress and Murder Ring.

He has moved again to a new station. His kit bag has not arrived and he needs to iron some clothes. He asks for the return of his laundry.

He has received the money they sent. He is having a bath tomorrow.

He has moved stations and is desperately short of money.
The first page has had his address torn out.
The third page appears to be from a different letter.


Part of a letter to John's family. He has settled down in his new post and is happy. He finds camp monotonous.

He is well and hopes his parents have a good Christmas.

He is well and has received mail. He has cigarettes and asks for more.

He is well but has not had any mail recently.

He is well but has not heard from his parents lately.

He is well and waiting for parcels, preferably cigarettes.

He is well and studying. He has been getting regular mail. He asks for a pipe, tobacco and cigarettes.

He has received several letters and repeats a request for a pipe.

He has been to church which had accordion music which reminded him of his childhood.
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