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AM Pamphlet 130 giving guidance on expected behaviour, Leave, NAAFI health and work.

A letter sent to KAL Killeen accepting him for training as a navigator in the RAF. Included is a protective plastic wallet.

Welcome letter to John confirming his selection for aircrew training.

A letter welcoming Jack into the RAF.

Acknowledges a letter sent to Under-Secretary of state by Mr L R Madgett and stating that it will be actioned.

Acknowledges her letter of 24 October 44

Acknowledges receipt of letter dated 11 September 1944,

From central depository to Mr and Mrs L R Madgett. Advice of goods including Bx 11715, Dress case, carton. sealed [..].

A document advising David Geach's father that his son's personal effects were being dispatched.

Following the report that Reg is missing, advising that of the seven casualties of the crash, three have been identified as Sergeant Hannel, Sergeant Johnson and Sergeant Barrett, three are unidentified and one is unaccounted for.

Letter to Isabel following up the initial telegrams. States that her husband has been reported missing after an operation on 23/24 August 1943.

Air navigation stages one & two - notes for students. Stamped 'ATC No 1250, Oxford Schools Squadron'.

This item is available only at the International Bomber Command Centre / University of Lincoln.

Air Publication 1764 with 'Not to be taken in the air' and 'P.Flowers' on the cover.

This item is available only at the International Bomber Command Centre / University of Lincoln.


This item is available only at the International Bomber Command Centre / University of Lincoln.

A licence issued to Alec Cranswick on 23 August 1939.

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Details allowances payable while Andrew is classified as 'missing', Will continue on present rate until December 1943 and then at reduced rate. Also mentioned how to apply for pre-natal allowance.

An amendment to be incorporated into the Pilot's Notes for the Wellington.

RAF Form 2520C issued to AJ Tindall.

A note given to John to allow him to purchase a suitable uniform.


Letter to I R Jenkinson informing him of award of DFM to his son. Enquires whether he will go to Buckingham Palace to receive it.

A vertical aerial photograph of bombed buildings. These are two exhibition buildings of the Charlottenburg Fairgrounds adjacent to the Berlin Short Wave Radio transmitter. On the reverse is a typed note dated 18 April 1944 explaining the function of…

Reconnaissance photograph of the short wave radio station at Charlottenburg, Berlin. Small amount of bomb damage is visible, with a few roofless buildings, The radio mast (Funkturm) can be seen by its shadow from its base at the right towards the…

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Concerning the history Bomber Command.
This item is only available at the University of Lincoln.
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