Jenkinson, Peter and Leslie


Jenkinson, Peter and Leslie
Peter Raeburn Jenkinson
P R Jenkinson
Leslie Philip Jenkinson
L P Jenkinson


111 items. The collection concernes Leslie Philip Jenkinson (b. 1923, 13314603 Royal Air Force) and Flight Sergeant Peter Raeburn Jenkinson DFM (1921 - 1945, 1826262 Royal Air Force) and an oral history interview with Evelyn Paine who discusses the service of her brothers. There are two sub-collections containing a total of 110 items pertaining to each brother. 

Peter Jenkinson flew operations as a flight engineer with 166 and 153 Squadrons and was killed 28 January 1945.

Philip Jenkinson flew operations as a mid-upper gunner on 10 Squadron. He was shot down on 6 September 1943 and taken prisoner.

Additional information on Peter Jenkinson is available via the IBCC Losses Database.

The collection has been donated to the IBCC Digital Archive by Evelyn Paine and catalogued by Nigel Huckins.




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Jenkinson, LP-PR

Collection Items

Part of letter from Peter Jenkinson to his mother
Thanks her for present and mentions leave. Says sorry not to have written more often and that he forgot someone else's birthday. Mentions other gifts received.

List of Peter Jenkinson's crew
List names of all crew and two newspaper cuttings in memoriam for Peter Jenkinson.

Peter Jenkinson copy registration of death
153 Squadron, presumed 28 January 1945 at Michelbach Germany on air operations.

Page from memorial book
Copy of list of names with Sergeant Jenkinson P R, 153 Sqn , 28 January 1945

Lincoln Cathedral Airman's Chapel and RAF memorial book
Left a colour photograph of a chapel within cathedral with stained glass windows and altar with columnated arches behind. Right a book on a lectern with note that it was open to page with Peter Jenkinson's name.

Ein Brückenschlag der Freundshaft
German newspaper article about the memorial to Peter Jenkinson's crew. Ceremony in Michelbach to honour Karl Frauhammer’s memorial to seven fallen English aircrew. Speeches made by British military attaché, Air Commodore General Martin; Mayor…

Germans honour Lancaster crew
Ministry of Defence news release. Account of memorial to Lancaster bomber crew who crashed near Michelbach on 28 January 1945. Tells of inspiration and building of monument by local man and unveiling along with representatives of the RAF and Federal…

Crash report
Lists details of Peter Jenkinson's aircraft, date, squadron, base, place of crash, names of crew.

Roll of honour 153 Squadron
Lists twenty-one crews lost in action giving names of crew, aircraft number, target and cemetery or memorial, Dates between 14 October 1944 and 22 April 1945.

Details of Peter Jenkinson's crew
Provides name, number, service, decorations, next of kin and date of birth for six other crew members. James Coles - air gunner, John Dormer - navigator, Harold Ferguson - air gunner, Edward Fletcher - air bomber, Peter Jenkinson - flight engineer,…

Letter to I R  Jenkinson from RAF records office
Forwards citation from London Gazette on the award of a Distinguished Flying Medal to his son Peter. Would be presented to his legal next of kin by the King.

Letter to Philip Jenkinson from air ministry
Invitation to Buckingham Palace to receive his late brother's Distinguished Flying Medal.

Wing Commander Powley
Top - head and shoulders portrait of an officer wearing shirt with rank and pilot's brevet. Captioned '1915-1945'.
Middle - seven aircrew standing in line underneath the wing of a Lancaster. Captioned 'Wing Commander Powley, with crew standing in…

Air-to-air view of the rear quarter of an airborne Lancaster letters 'P4-O'. from slightly below on port side.

A bridge of friendship
Translated German newspaper article about the building and unveiling of a memorial built by a local man in Michelbach. Writes about Karl Frauhammer who conceived and built it and the unveiling ceremony. At the end a letter from the ministry of…

About the memorial to Peter and his crew
Account of Karl Frauhammer and his decision to make a gesture of peace by building a memorial to the seven members of a Lancaster which was shot down near his home. Flight engineer on aircraft was Peter Jenkinson. Family did not find out about…

Allied bombers shot down by FW Gunther Bahr
Table listing unit, date, aircraft, time, area of combat. Lists 36 combats with allied aircraft from 23 August 1943 until 17 March 1945. Includes Peter Jenkinson's Lancaster on 28 January 1945 as one of four that night. Details from "Luftwaffe Night…

Pilot Officer Owen Meredith Clement Jones DFC
Full face portrait of an officer wearing tunic with pilot's brevet and peaked cap. Captioned with details and that he was pilot of Peter Jenkinson's Lancaster shot down 28 January 1945 all crew killed.
Two notes giving biographic details and record…

States that Flying Officer Jones and crew failed to return from operation to Stuttgart on 28 January 1945. After attack by German night fighter Lancaster PB638 ('O - Oboe') crashed at Michelbach, Aglasterhausen. Tells of local man designing and…

Recommendation for Honours and Awards (DFM) for Peter Jenkinson
Gives particulars for meritorious service. Completed 27 successful sorties, skilful flight engineer, disregard for personal safety, cheerful courage and offensive spirit. Includes details of 27 operations carried out.

166 Squadron order of battle
166 Squadron order of battle number 9431 August 1944 (Agenville) listing 10 crews and a reserve. Peter Jenkinson is in detail 4.
Underneath 166 Squadron order of battle number 9531 August 1944 (St Roiquier) lists 8 crews and a reserve.

Peter and Philip Jenkinson
Full length image of two boys wearing overcoats standing on path by steps. Boy on the right has walking stick. In the background an arched stone doorway. Captioned 'Peter with Philip, learning to walk again after his serious illness at 14 years old.

Peter Jenkinson copy birth certificate
Register in Hemel Hempstead born 14 November 1921.

Box file cover for album in memory of Flight Sergeant Peter Raeburn Jenkinson DFM
Blue file cover. Top a b/w copy of 153 Squadron badge. Note with title name and born 14 November 1921. Shot down and killed by a German fighter 28 January 1945. Underneath a painting of a Lancaster , letters 'P4-O' airborne dropping bombs.…

Letter from Peter Jenkinson to his mother
Writes that he is very busy. Comments about his brother and how he would like to "line shoot" with him. Continues with gossip on family matters and what he would like to do when he came home on leave.
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