Details of Peter Jenkinson's crew



Details of Peter Jenkinson's crew


Provides name, number, service, decorations, next of kin and date of birth for six other crew members. James Coles - air gunner, John Dormer - navigator, Harold Ferguson - air gunner, Edward Fletcher - air bomber, Peter Jenkinson - flight engineer, Owen Jones - pilot, John Milburn - wireless operator / air gunner.




One page handwritten document mounted on an album page


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Coles, James (Air Gunner) 1684124 RAF
Son of Walter & Francis Emma Coles of Bradford, Yorkshire
[underlined]5. H. 23[/underlined]
Dormer, John Francis (Navigator)1603839 RAF
Son of Frank Edwin & Ethel Beatrice Dormer of Tarring, Worthing, Sussex
[underlined]5. H. 22[/underlined]
Ferguson, Harold (Air Gunner) 989177 RAF
Son of Robert & Annie Ferguson of Newton Heath, Manchester
[underlined]5. H. 24[/underlined]
Fletcher, Edward Walker (Air Bomber) 1549302 RAF
Son of Harold & Ethel Mary Fletcher of Dutton, Lancashire
[underlined]5. H. 21[/underlined]
Jenkinson, Peter Raeburn DFM 1826262 RAFVR
Son of Norman Henry & Isabel Raeburn Jenkinson.
[underlined]5. H. 20[/underlined]
Jones, Owen Meredith Clement DFC (Pilot) 176235 RAF
Son of Alfred Clement Jones M.A, Ph.D, & Gertrude Lilian Jones
Husband of Constance Jones M.A. of Oxford.
[underlined]5. H. 19[/underlined]
Milburn, John Wilson (W. OP./Air Gunner) 1567899 RAF
Son of John Wilson Milburn & Mary Elizabeth Milburn of Blyth, Northumberland
[underlined]5. H. 25[/underlined]


“Details of Peter Jenkinson's crew,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed March 4, 2024,

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