Jenkinson, Peter and Leslie. Philip Jenkinson


Jenkinson, Peter and Leslie. Philip Jenkinson


56 items concerning Leslie Philip Jenkinson who served as a mid-upper gunner on 10 Squadron Halifax and was shot down on 6 September 1943 and taken prisoner. Collection contains documents, research, memoirs, maps, correspondence and photographs.




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Jenkinson, LP-PR

Collection Items

Constantine Tribute fund - division of money
Notes that fund was to be shared between 147 people who served with H M forces. Encloses cheque for £4.0.0 for addressee share.

Translation of German articles that appeared in German newspapers
Translation of two articles about Philip Jenkinson aircraft being shot down and after the war trying to find the location of the crash. Notes that he was amongst party of prisoners of war taken to view damage by bombing in Munich. Annotated 'From 10…

Model memories of air battle
Account of two 10 Squadron airmen being reunited with their aircraft after 54 years. Kevin Murphy and Philip Jenkinson met to admire a model of their Halifax made from wreckage of their aircraft. Gives account of their bail out and evading. Notes…

Philip Jenkinson's journey in Germany after being shot down
Gives itinerary of journey from being shot down, captured, and various prisoner of war camps (Dulag Luft, Stalag Luft 6, Stalag 357 and 355) and eventual repatriation.

Letter to Philip Jenkinson from air ministry
Invitation to Buckingham Palace to receive Distinguished Flying Medal awarded to his brother Peter.

Man standing in garden
Full length image of a man in shirt and tie standing on a path in a garden. To the right part of a building. Captioned 'Just after coming home from POW camp'.

Map of England and north west Europe showing various routes
Shows routes on bombing operations (red), journeys by train (green), prison camps, routes walked, shot down, captured. Notes dates liberated and returned to England.

Details of research into air attacks on Munich including contact with Philip Jenkinson whose aircraft was shot down on the operation and German amateur historian. Noted number of aircraft lost, casualties RAF and German, prisoners of war. Both for…

Red cross next of kin parcel label
Gives contents of parcel pyjamas, towels, face cloth, tooth brush, shoes, scarf, gloves and other items.

Eight aircrew in front of a Halifax
Copy of photograph of eight aircrew all wearing battledress and side caps standing in line in front of a Halifax. Text alongside states 'Warrant Officer Kennedy with the crew of JD166 "G-George" of 10 Squadron, Melborne, August 1943'. Then provides…

10 Squadron crest
Gold wins with vertical arrow in circular badge, gold crown on top, moto 'Rem Acu Tangere'.

Correspondence with prisoners of war
Gives instructions on numbers of letters allowed , number of pages, how to post, return address, lay out of envelope. No communication through neutral countries or telegraphic communication allowed.

Letter to all prisoners of war
Letter stating that escaping is no longer a sport. Accuses England of opening a non military form of gangster war due to information found in captured English military pamphlet on irregular warfare. States shoot on sight orders.

List of typical contents of standard food parcels despatched from the packing centres of the organisation
List of food items. Gives account of how distributed, donations gratefully received, but parcels are provided for all prisoners whether contributions sent or not.

Prisoners of war - some questions answered
Instructions about sending food parcels. How, food, what could be sent, costs, donations, addressing. Concludes with reasons why parcels not addressed to individual prisoners.

Philip's operational record
List 10 operations. Was shot down on the last.

Philip Jenkinson's account of operation to Munich on which his aircraft was shot down
Recounts details of operation and being attacked by Me 109s which were driven off and then by a Ju 88 which set them on fire. Bombs jettisoned and he baled out. Continues with account of evading and attempt to reach Switzerland. Describes capture and…

Article on destruction of a church
Copy of a German article with translation on next page about the destruction of church St Stefan between Denklingen and Dienhausen. Account of bomber on operation to Munich being shot down by fighter and jettisoning bombs before crashing.

Letter to Philip Jenkinson's father from casualty branch
Expresses regret that his son was reported as missing in action as result of operations 6/7 September 1943 to Munich.

Telegram to Philip Jenkinson's parents
Informs them that their son failed to return from operations.

Notes on Munich 6 September 1943
Lists losses, casualties and the fate of his Halifax crew.

SS Cavina
A single funnelled ship at anchor. Captioned 'Cavina'.

Wartime Halifax operations
Written for Cornish aviation society. Welcomes Philip Jenkinson and gives account of his training and operations on 10 Squadron Halifax. Describes being shot down and baling out. Mentions evading, capture and as a prisoner being on a tour of his…

Note about Red Cross parcel
States parcel sent on 28 December 1943 did not arrive until 12 April 1944. Routed through Portugal and many never arrived.

Map of part of Germany
Copy of map with several small villages. Marked with numbered crosses. Annotated '1 Forest where a lot of bombs dropped, 2 Chapel which was destroid [sic] form bombs, 3 place where Philip came down with the parachute, 4 Crash place'.
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