Ford, Terry


Ford, Terry
Ford, T


135 items. The collection concerns Terry Ford. He flew operations as a pilot with 75 Squadron. It contains photographs, his log book, operational maps, letters home during training, and documents including emergency drills. There are two albums of photographs, one of navigation logs, and another of target photographs.

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Ford, T

Collection Items

Terry Ford’s pilot’s flying log book. Two
Flying Officer T.A. Ford’s RAF Pilot’s Flying Log Book, from 8th October 1950 to 3rd September 1953, detailing his service as a pilot and flying instructor with 24 Squadron RAF and 10 and 12 Reserve Flying Schools. Aircraft in which flown: Tiger…

No 9 Initial Training Wing
A group of trainee airmen arranged in four rows. On the front are the names of the individuals and on the reverse are the signatures of some of the men.

Cartoon of Terry Ford
A cartoon of Terry Ford phoning RAF Mepal from a phone box in Norfolk after a delayed action bomb exploded on his aircraft.
Additional information about this item has been kindly provided by the donor.

Neepawa News Cuttings
Two cuttings referring to RAF Neepawa.
Item 1 shows a Tiger Moth, a ground crew woman and two airmen.
Item 2 is an article about local businesses supporting the RAF. It also describes Commonwealth and British pilots.

In the Ceaseless Fight Against the U-Boat
An Anson flying above a convoy.

Cartoons by Ricky
Two cartoons by Ricky published in the RCAF Wings magazine.
In the first, men in a billet are arguing about having the window open. In the second, there is a rush to use the ablutions in the morning.

Summary of Terry Ford's Operations
A list of 35 operations undertaken by Terry Ford. It includes dates and aircraft used.

75 Squadron Battle Order
A battle order for 6/7 December 1944 detailing aircrew and aircraft involved in the operation. The target was Merseburg synthetic oil plant.

Parachute Drill (Emergency) - Lancaster
Actions to be performed by each crew member after the order to 'put on parachute' has been made.

Ditching Footnotes
A list of eight actions to be taken before ditching.

Engine on Fire Check List
A list of instructions to be followed in case of an engine fire.

Engine Failure Check List
A list of ten items to be checked in the event of an engine failure.

Emergency Stations
A list of actions to be taken during an emergency. Each crew member is listed with his position and emergency actions.

The Flying Gopher January 1943
This edition covers an Editorial, poems, the padres notes, romantic fiction, a car chase in London, a list of expenditure of the station's social funds, recollections of flying in the Great War, Christmas stories, Officers Mess gossip, a story about…

The Flying Gopher September 1942
This edition has adverts, an Editorial, reminisces by Dr Vyse, an appreciation of the arrival of the RAF at Weyburn, photographs of Weyburn, stories about Gremlins, a fictitious love story, photos of dances, Weyburn library, poems, love stories, a…

 75 Squadron Flying Orders
A list of aircrew, times of take off and landings and altitude flown for 75 squadron. 21 Lancasters attacked the dyke at Westkapelle.

Letter to Flight Lieutenant Terry Ford from the Air Ministry
The letter informs Terry that his service in the reserve has expired.

Letter to Terry Ford from Yvonne
A letter written by Terry's sister, Yvonne. She thanks him for the gifts he posted to her. She has been dancing and can jitterbug. A note written by his father congratulates him on passing his ground exams.

Letter from Terry Ford to Bob Moore
A letter to Bob Moore from Terry Ford about 75 Squadron. He describes how his crew was the only completely non-New Zealanders, a disposal of a long delay bomb in the North Sea, the loyalty of his ground crew, the station Commander and his failed…

Telegram from Terry Ford to Moira
A telegram sent by Terry Ford to his sister, Moira. He wishes her a happy birthday and that she passes her exams.

Telegram from Terry Ford to his parents
A telegram that Terry sent to his parents stating that all is well and he is safe.

Letter from Terry Ford to his parents
A letter from Terry to his family. He describes how the weather has changed from snow to dust and dust storms. He writes that he has passed his Wings Flying Test but was disappointed with his performance.

Letter from Terry Ford to his parents
Letter from Terry Ford to his family. He writes about his flying, his friends, social activities and the weather.

Letter from Terry Ford to his parents
Letter from Terry to his family. He writes about the weather and the terrible blizzards they have had, and about his course which will be complete in a week’s time.

Letter from Terry Ford to his parents
Letter From Terry to his family. He writes that he has just been to Regina and has sent a parcel to them with items he has bought. He also writes about the weather saying that it is well below freezing therefore they are unable to be outside for more…
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