Ditching Footnotes



Ditching Footnotes


A list of eight actions to be taken before ditching.




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[underlined] FOOTNOTES [/underlined}
When Pilot is Captain.
(1) [underlined] Captain [/underlined] When a member of the Crew other than the Pilot is Captain, he will give the executive “Dinghy Dinghy” etc. or instruct the Pilot to do so. From this stage, crew members carry out the drill according to their Aircrew Category.
(2) [underlined] Interchange of Drills [/underlined] Whilst all Aircrew members are required to be familiar with each others duties, those of the Rear and Mid Upper Gunners are inter-changeable and will [insert] /be [/insert] practiced accordingly.
(3) [underlined] Extra Man [/underlined] It is the duty of any Crew member adjacent to the extra man to ensure that he is warned to “Prepare for Ditching”.
(4) [underlined] Transmissions [/underlined] Drills are based on “DISTRESS”; developing from “EMERGENCY” where Distress is taken without developing from “EMERGENCY” where “DISTRESS” is taken without previous “EMERGENCY” section, “C” – Course, “H” – Height, A “A” – Air-speed, “P” – Position, and “T” – Time and estimated Ditching position will be transmitted only if time permits and without prejudice to “FULL” Distress signals action.
(5) [underlined] Mae Wests [/underlined] (except Pilot) Crew will inflate as stated but where, in the case of a man of unusually large build, ogress may be restricted, inflate one breath at D.S and fully in getting out.
(6) Parachute Harness (W/Op) Every endeavour should be made to release parachute harness and place straps aside prior to this stage.
(7) Parachute Harness (Pilot) Providing conditions permit and there is ample time, Pilot should release Parachute harness, and place straps aside prior to stage (3)
(8) The figures in brackets in movement (2) indicate the order in which the acknowledgements are made.



“Ditching Footnotes,” IBCC Digital Archive, accessed December 4, 2023, https://ibccdigitalarchive.lincoln.ac.uk/omeka/collections/document/24334.

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